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issue 45 - August/September 2018
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2018
Insprire Home
A Glass walled Swimming Pool Defies Belief in Brazil

     This project, titled Panorama, came to being from a Sao Paulo resident’s desire to incorporate a swimming pool into his apartment. This wish was embraced by Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques with open arms, who decided to place the pool front and center in the living room, so that in addition to enjoying it for leisure, it would create an element of tension that was strikingly strong and present.
A Chinese Penthouse with Classical Inspiration

     Wuhan Greenland Center is a landmark skyscraper in Wuhan city. With a height of 636 meters, it was designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, an American design team famed for world famous super tall buildings, such as the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai and Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai. The President’s Mansion, interior design by CCD / Cheng Chung Design (HK), sits high up in the structure, which integrates five star hotels, high end shopping malls, top grade office buildings and apartments. The overall design is created around the concept of "pavilions and corridors" and employs a wide range of contemporary elements.
Blurring the Boundaries Between Natural and Built Environments!

     The Chameleon Villa is a residence located in the area of Buwit, a village in the lush interiors of the southwest coastal area of Bali. Constructed on an acre of land, overlooking a dense forest and a gentle river below, the villa sits on a steep contour that posed the challenge of how to create an architecture that truly connected with its surroundings and that integrated with the topography of the site. The design team worked on the idea of ’landscaped architecture’, by blurring the boundaries between natural and built environments. As a result, the buildings appear to be a part of the land itself sometimes disappearing within it, and then at other times, emerging from it.
An English Home Brings the Outdoors In

     ’The Hong Kong House" is a private extension and renovation project, completed in late 2017 by Winchester based architects AR Design Studio. A world away from the client’s former home in Hong Kong, the house provides an opportunity for the family to have a familiar inside out space to live in and relax. Set beside an ancient Roman road, the existing Grade II listed Victorian property is a beautiful townhouse of proud red brick. The clients bought the house for its scale and charm and approached AR Design Studio to help bring it up to modern standards and provide a much needed connection to their stunning walled garden.
Architectural Sculpture in a San Francisco Home

     This view home was carefully created for a San Francisco entrepreneur. This is his first residence and he worked avidly with the design team while also becoming cultivated in architecture and design. The design team consisted of CCS Architecture and Subject to Change. Architecturally, the building is designed to capture the views, bring in the daylight, and establish a sense of calm through simplicity and open space.
A Home Pays Tribute to Culture and the Land

     The Casa TEC 205 is located very close to the Chipinque ecological park in Monterrey, Mexico. The home sits in an urban landscape dominated by the Sierra Madre. Amazingly, the house was the first prize in a raffle organized every year by the Technological University of Monterrey to raise funds for its students.
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