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issue 46 - October/November 2018
CURVE magazine cover October/November 2018
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Minotti’s 70th Anniversary

     2018 marked a very special year for famed Italian design firm Minotti. Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Minotti recently unveiled a series of programs to be hosted in some of the world’s leading design capitals.
An Abandonded Building Transformed

     British artist Alex Chinneck’s latest outdoor artwork is found in Ashford, Kent. Open to the Public appeared overnight with Chinneck secretly transforming an unused building into a surreal sculpture.
A Monumental Public Work

     Commissioned by the City of Montreal and situated at the core of the recently developed Interna tional Civil Aviation Organization Plaza (ICAO), Dendrites is the newest monumental public work by the artist Michel de Broin. The word dendrite refers to the branched projections of a neuron, which propagate cerebral stimulation; the term is derived from the Greek dendron, also the word for tree.
Armenian Lebanese Artist Jean Boghossian Back in Lebanon

     Armenian Lebanese artist Jean Boghossian is renowned for his fiery, smoke infused artworks. The flame becomes a symbol of passion, endurance and love, from both the artist and his Armenian people. These different influences make Jean Boghossian an artist particularly charged with drives, stimuli and a complex universal imagination. The variety found in his works and approach make him a fascinating study at a time when his works will be on show in Beirut.
Girafe Brings the Eiffel Tower to Lunch

     After the success of Loulou at MAD and Monsieur Bleu at the Palais de Tokyo, the famed restauranteur Gilles Malafosse and architect Joseph Dirand, have created Girafe, Paris’ most exciting new restaurant. With an interior decor inpired by the spirit of the Thirties, contemporary marine cuisine, and a fantastic terrace, Girafe is a most modern brasserie.
A Belgian Studio Marries Design and Engineering to Create Contemporary Urban Pieces

     Nortstudio’s Urban Shapes is a bench that embraces everything about modern, urban life, resulting in a creation that has a distinct style, blending comfort and design chops. Inviting, but also clearly ’designed’, Urban Shapes is the story of a city. Belgian design firm Nortstudio was founded by Jef De Brabander and Kathleen Opdenacker in 2016 and is based in Antwerp.
On the Wall Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery

     Celebrating Michael Jackson’s enduring impact on society and culture, Michael Jackson: On the Wall, sponsored by Hugo Boss, will be on show at London’s National Portrait Gallery until October 21.
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