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issue 47 - December/January 2019
CURVE magazine cover December/January 2019
by Adam Hillman

     Adam Hillman is an American multimedia artist and art historian working in drawing, painting, and photography. Best known for his Arrangements series, a project started in 2015 continuing to the present. he organizes and photographs everyday objects into geometric patterns inspired by 20th century artistic styles such as Minimalism and the unabashed patterning of Outsider Art. Built on subversive wordplay, optical illusionism, and vibrant colors, they are equally conceptually and aesthetically rigorous, utilizing tropes such as visual puns which are almost entirely unseen in contemporary art.
by Market

     Slava’18 is a collection of furniture and decorative objects presenting a contemporary reinterpretation of the aesthetics of home interiors from the designers’ childhood memories, effectively escaping from the current popular Scandinavian aesthetics. With the aim of establishing a design principle and romoting a look that is not overly trendy but rather a representation of visual sensibility inherited through a specific social background, the collection embodies a continued development of an authentic regional design. Market is a design collective from Zagreb working in the field of visual communication, product and interior design.
by Adam Lister

     Born in 1978, Adam Lister lives and works in Beacon, New York. A graduate of The School of Visual Arts, Lister is a visual artist whose work consists of geometric interpretations of iconic imagery and pop culture references. Lister has exhibited his artwork in galleries throughout the world, while also collaborating with numerous brands and other artists. Lister breaks down these classic images to their most elemental forms by combining the deconstructed and minimal aesthetic of pixelated graphics with the transparency of watercolor paint and the flatness of acrylic paint. The artist explores the relationship of nostalgia and mathematics, taking on subjects that hold a collective familiarity and reducing them to flat cubist like compositions.
by JCP Universe

     These cosmic spheres, according to the designers, offer a glimpse of moments of creation from the JCP Universe. The Glome vases are containers of primordial creation, sculptures in their own right, that can nest natural creations of this world. Mouth blown on the island of Murano, these unique glass pieces are suspended in a simple metal wireframe base that completes the object in a balance of elementary forms and light.
by Troo Studio

     Troo Studio is made up of designers Freya Whamond and Sam Bolt and is based in Hereford, England. Both designers graduated in 2016 from the Furniture Design and Make course at Rycotewood Furniture Centre in Oxford and set up Troo Studio shortly after in November 2016. Troo creates wooden products ranging from smaller items of home ware to fully bespoke heirloom pieces of furniture. The pair likes to experiment with making processes and complementary materials.
by Mawsam

     Founded by architect Ziad Abi Karam, design firm Mawsam celebrates Lebanese heritage with an ever changing collection of handmade products created with the utmost care. Skilled artisans apply ancient Lebanese craft techniques to make each Mawsam product, using wood, metal, brass and other noble materials. The resulting pieces are both traditional and contemporary. Each Mawsam piece is unique, encapsulating Lebanon’s rich cultural legacy and modern design flair. Recently, for Beirut Design Fair, Mawsam created five distinctive pieces, each harking back to Lebanese traditions while providing a window into the future. The new pieces of furniture have multiple uses: an armchair becomes a rocking chair, while a screen both divides a room and acts as a three way mirror.
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