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issue 49 - April/May 2019
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Social Commentary, Personal Expression and Artistic Excellence at the Heart of a New Show

     The Campana Brothers return to London for their first solo show at Carpenters Workshop Gallery to present Hybridism, a collection of 13 recent furniture objects and sculptures. Featuring materially complex works, Hybridism explores the Campana Brothers’ sculptural experimentation and their foray into the artistic realm of personal expression and societal commentary. Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Campana Brothers, Humberto and Fernando, view themselves as hybrids. Their studio, Estudio Campana, works in partnership with local communities, NGOs and factories to create pieces that celebrate the bright colors and rich textures of their native country.
Suspension of Disbelief

     Lebanese artist Ghazi Baker’s Suspension of Disbelief exhibition at Mark Hachem Gallery in Beirut focuses on how we are able to suspend our disbelief at certain times and let our imaginations take over. The collection of around 20 paintings asks viewers to suspend their own beliefs for just a little while. Growing up, Ghazi Baker was amazed by what he saw in films, fascinated by the ability to pursuade the viewer to believe in a story line, from Superman to Star Wars and even romantic films. Later in life, this fascination turned into a philosophical pursuit, a journey of discovery and research to find what really makes the viewer accept the premise of a film.
A Public Space in Porto Draws People in and Stimulates Interaction

     To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC), design firm FAHR was challenged to develop a structure for the garden in front of the central building that symbolized this mark in time and make it last into the future as a symbol of the park. The team started by looking for a silhouette strong enough to be a center point of the district of Asprela, an area mainly characterized as a focal point of great health and educational facilities; the
numerous schools generate a daily flow of people, none of whom have many reasons to stay in the area due to the absence of points of interest in the public spaces.
Scandanavian Design is Typically Described as ’Cool’, Not So With Warm Nordic

     Frantz Longhi, founder of Warm Nordic, created his company in order to foster a different appreciation for Scandinavian design. Full of warmth and certainly inviting, Warm Nordic’s pieces eschew the ’cold’, classic appeal of the region’s design in favor of something more inviting, more down to earth. Longhi has been collecting Scandinavian design for years, and made a name for himself by furnishing the famous series of Kahler restaurants with pieces from the 1950s and 60s bought at auction.
The Ultimate Getaway and an Escape from it All

     The PAN Treetop Cabins, created by Oslo based architect Espen Surnevik, were commissioned by a couple that wanted to create a tourist retreat in the Norwegian wilderness. Perched on slender legs and sitting amid the treetops of Finnskogen, a woodland in east Norway, the cabins represent a true escape. The two matching cabins are elevated into the trees on black metal structures, with black cladding designed by Surnevik to create a man made aesthetic that helps them stand out from the landscape. ’Rather than building the project in wood, that can you find directly in nature, the materials used in the project seek to be a contrast to the tactility of the forest,’ said Surnevik. "The use of homogeneous metal surfaces gives the cabins a distinct character, which is important to underline the cabins as an intellectual, man made, object put into nature,’ he said. The PAN Treetop Cabins feature tent shaped forms with large glazed gable ends, which Surnevik modeled on the ’primal clarity’ of North American A frame lodges and the ’surrealistic’ houses of Tove Jansson’s Moomin cartoons. Both cabins are based on the same drawings, but have been customized to fit their specific sites.
George Michael’s Collection Goes On Sale

     The personal art collection of famed British singer George Michael went on sale this March through Christies. Known for his connections to the British art scene, Michael’s collection included pieces by renowned artists such as Damien Hurst and Tracey Emin. The proceeds from the sale, including the catalogues, will be used to continue George Michael’s philanthropic work. One of the most influential and best selling
recording artists of all time, George Michael’s private art collection represents a dialogue with his own British contemporaries, artists such as Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Michael Craig Martin, and Marc Quinn, who rose to prominence by challenging the status quo of the time, and together creating the Young British Art movement. Wham! was the first major Western act to perform in China, playing two historic concerts in 1985 and George Michael’s Abu Dhabi Zayed City performance in December 2008, part of his 25 Live world tour, is considered to have paved the way for A list performances in the United Arab Emirates.
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