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A Clever Split for Flexible Living

     Ukrainian firm Maly Krasota Design recently completed a two storey apartment project in Kiev for a large family. In addition to having two small children who needed space for games, the apartment owners often receive guests. Therefore, one of the basic requirements for the design was the possibility to transform the premises according to different scenarios: the space should be convenient for both cozy family evenings and for noisy parties with many friends.
Respecting the Past, Embracing the Future

     Catalan painter Adalina Coromines, designer Joan Lao, and their daughter, designer Africa Lao sought a unique, personal space where they can connect with nature and live and work sustainably while surrounded by stunning countryside. After crossing the globe looking for the perfect space, they discovered this incredible 17th century Catalan farmhouse not too far from Barcelona, which immediately grabbed their attention. Set upon a 62 acre farm ringed by native cork oaks, holm oaks, chestnut, and walnut trees, the 2,625 square foot building now serves as a painting studio for Coromines, and a creative space for Joan and Africa.
Combining an Incredible Natural Setting with Traditional Elements

     The Haus K project comprised the re planning of a building that destilat’s client bought as a shell structure. Its extraordinary location on Schlossberg in Krems, Austria, makes this project a crowning jewel with a view across the valley of the River Danube, the abbey of Gottweig to the south and the Krems vineyards to the north.
The client’s personal requirements made an extensive re planning of the building’s interior design necessary. The building’s three levels were restructured after an analysis of the client’s needs. A spacious wellness area including a sauna, whirlpool, lounge and gym were designed for the ground floor that leads to the northern garden.
An Australian Home that Blends Perfectly with its Environment

     In search of great design, Neil Cownie’s clients gave him the opportunity to provide a holistic design approach and service across architecture, interior design, product design, furniture, artwork selection and landscape. Roscommon House is in conversation with its past, present and future: as a house that reflects the unique attributes of its location, modernist architecture, and ideals of the original subdivision. The end result is a new house at one with the ethos of the suburb with a strong sense of belonging and one where the architecture comes together wonderfully well.
The Connections Between Color and Design

     Green loves Red by design duo Brani & Desi, made up of sisters Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova, is a project where the use of forms, lines and colors focuses on the positive impact a space can exert on the people living there.
Brani & Desi is a Sofia based creative art and design studio and its driving force are the experienced interior designers Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova. The studio’s main goal is to create spaces where geometry, colours and functions have equal responsibility.
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