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issue 51 - August/September 2019
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2019
by Victoria Villasana

     Victoria Villasana, born in Guadalajara, Mexico, is a textile artist, interested in culture and the human spirit. Villasana’s work looks at how cultures connect to each other in a fragmented, post digital world. After studying design at ITESO University in Mexico, Villasana moved to London where she trained and worked as a florist and fashion stylist. She began making embroidery on top of images as a hobby. Later on she was inspired by the East London street art scene and began placing her embroidery images in the streets. She became well known in London’s street art community for her rebellious femininity and acute cross cultural imagery.
by Adam Nathaniel Furman

     Three Characters In the Second Act: The Royal Family is a vision of the home as a court of domestic deviance played out through the ecstatic surfaces of a bourgeois’ nightmare. A model 21st Century family of two parents and an insanely spoiled child, the father is the mother, the mother is the father, both the mother and the father are the father and the mother, while the infanta is also the infante but is free to be neither, or both, or something in between.
by Celine Teyrouz

     Celine Teyrouz designs luxurious spaces for a modern world. A Beirut native, the Lebanese Canadian interior architect and sketch artist draws inspiration from urban environments. Her projects transform interiors into bright, minimalistic oases that exist in harmony with the chaotic cities surrounding them. After ten years of experience collaborating with designers and architects in Beirut and Milan to create and renovate luxury residential and commercial projects, Teyrouz opened her own studio in 2019. Based in Beirut, she offers her expertise in designing spaces for the future. Dedicated to the creative process of design, Teyrouz begins all her work by freehand sketching a detailed and technical vision, always with a hint of whimsy as she brings her unique touch to each project.
by Sofia Alvarado

     Welcome Back analyzes pieces of classic furniture lost in time, and brings them to modernity, seeking to resurrect their glory, in a contemporary, futuristic and personal version. The uninhibited use of colors, materials and compositions are reminiscent of the eras of interior design where the possibilities went beyond the basics, creating free, dynamic and fun spaces that express happiness, meticulousness and individuality. At a conceptual level, this collection is a tribute to the freedom of childhood, that which is left behind when entering adulthood.
A Delicate Edge
Modern Luxury
Inspire  Project  
I'll Be Right Back
Intelligence  Who What Where

Blocks of Light
Intelligence  Who What Where

The Sound of Design

The Royal Family
Inspire  Project  

Ancient Eating
Insprire  Home  

Dreams of Mallorca

Modern Heritage
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