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10 Old MMORPGs That You Can Still Play

Meridian 59 launched has been launched 20 years ago, which many consider the first MMORPG in history. To mark 20 years of MMORPGs let’s look at 10 old MMORPGs that can still be played today.

Video games have always a place where new and innovative technologies are born, and MMORPGs have changed the gaming landscape forever. It has been a long road to where we are today, and some of the classic games like RuneScape and Lineage 2 will always be remembered. But what if we can actually again feel what it’s like to play these classic games. Visit and find the most popular L2 server.

Here are some classic MMORPGs that you can play today:

Asheron’s Call

Asheron’s Call mmorpg

Originally launched: November 2, 1999

Asheron’s Call made 1999 a great year for MMO gamers. It was published and developed by Turbine Entertainment. If you want to experience this classic game that provided hours and hours of fun you can jump into it right now for $9.99. No monthly subscription payments and new content is no longer is added to the game.

Asheron’s Call 2

Originally launched: November 22, 2002

The sequel to the previous title offered in its time: better graphics, new continent for exploration, and even more fun than before. Fortunately, it has been revived as a beta the owners of Asheron’s Call. Games still live on, but it has many bugs and technical problems that were an issue when it came out.


Originally launched: January 1997

One of the few old school MMORPGs that are fully playable to this day. The game was named revolutionary on launch and it was released before EverQuest. Tibia to this day running on the original servers and basically free-to-play, but you can pay for premium features.


RuneScape MMO RPG

Originally launched: January 2001

We all heard about RuneScape. When it was released its main diffidence was that it was played in the browser and not in the downloadable client. Today you can download it and play through a client, but the browser version is also available.

Cabal Online

Originally launched: October 2005

It’s not as old as some other games on the list. Cabal Online – Korean MMO that has been later released all over the world. You can still play it officially but we must warn you that the game has a cash shop.

Lineage II

Originally launched: October 1, 2003

The insanely popular sequel to original Lineage, that is set 150 years before the original. In its prime it had 14 million active players. The game became free-to-play in November of 2011, so go ahead and play it right now. See for yourself why your old brother loves this game so much.

Guild Wars

Originally launched: April 26, 2005

A little different from all the other games of that time. No open world, but you still can play with your friends. If you will play now then you will notice some interesting things: you can not jump and you can not walk down if the road is too steep. Other than that, it’s definitely worth a play, and the entire trilogy is available on Steam.


EverQuest MMO RPG

Originally launched: March 16, 1999

Probably the most famous game on this list. To this day you can see YouTube videos of people who simply play this game since its launch. Why? The answer is simple – it is amazing. Want to play? Go on Steam and check it out.

Age of Conan

Originally launched: May 20, 2008

Not a really old game but you can no longer call it new. Age of Conan is set in the world of Robert E. Howard’s novel. The game went free-to-play pretty quickly. The games combat system is more action-based and it is still very playable today.

Ultima Online

Ultima Online MMO RPG

Originally launched: September 24, 1997

Ultima Online was released just a little bit before Everquest and got the attention of gamers worldwide. It was THE first MMO to become incredibly popular, and it has many reasons to be still prized today. The game has a monthly fee but is still gets new content to this day.