10 Security Features Your Web Hosting Needs

The reputation and the success of your business depend on the quality of web hosting. The number of web hosting companies has increased in the recent past. These companies promise excellent services to their customers. However, most of these companies end up not fulfilling these promises. It is therefore crucial that you select a hosting company that will ensure the success of your business while providing quality web hosting services. This article provides the features that a web hosting company should have before you decide to use its services.

Secure File Transfer Protocol

You should go for a web hosting company that has implemented a Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). SFTP gives a secure file transfer capability, thereby eliminating several security threats that occur due to repeatedly downloading and uploading of sensitive information or files on the network. Secure File Transfer Protocol does not necessarily curb all the security threats but improves your website’s security.

Availability of Secure Shell

You must choose a web hosting company that has an installed Secure Shell (SSH). The SSH secures remote login across multiple computers. It enables you to have alternatives for strong authentication and uses strong encryption to protect your website. The encryption ensures that commands are sent to a leased server making the necessary root changes. SSH network protocol also allows for access to most of the internet connectivity even when they are insecure.

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL Certificate

SSL certificates provide a secure connection between the web server and clients or visitors to the website. The primary reason why you should choose a certificate authority that has an installed SSL certificate is that the information or data transfer between your computer and that of your client will need to pass through several computers before getting to the intended destination server. SSL certificates encrypt this information, thereby protecting privacy and ensuring the information security of both the client and the customers.

DDoS Mitigation and CDN Support

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service which refers to the attempts made by malicious people to overload the server with false user requests that the server will be unable to deal with. This makes your website lose customers and receive a suspension from the web host. In the event, your business can end up making huge losses. It of essence that you go for a web hosting company that has measures in place to prevent such occurrences. You should consider going for a web host that uses the Content Distribution Network (CDN) that can help absorb any form of DDoS attack.

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks or RAID 

A web hosting company that has this feature is more reliable. It was made compulsory in 2019, all web hosting providers should have this feature in place for emergencies. A redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks or RAID is a unique system that secures data. It keeps the files and all data safe from any form of insecurity. This is achieved by operating many computer-drives or discs as a single drive or disc. In case any of the drives fails, then another copy of the file is speedily reconstructed, and the lost data is retrieved. It is therefore essential to find a web hosting company with this feature.

Backup and Restore Features

Offering restore and backups should be one of the fundamental features that a web hosting company should be able to provide. The reason for this is that your website can quickly lose vital information through hacking, accidents or natural disasters that might be out of the control of the server. If this happens, there should be a mechanism to retrieve or restore the lost data. You should choose a web hosting company that is able to offer manual or automatic backups quickly and easily.

Manual Reset and Reboots Options

You ought to go for a web hosting company that allows you to reset or reboot your independent server manually. This is more applicable in a situation where you are using an isolated account.

There are several benefits that come from refreshing your system. Refreshing or restarting helps solve issues that may be hindering your website from running smoothly. It is, however, essential to have all your files backed up before trying to reset your settings. This helps you in the event that there is a complication in the course of resetting that could compromise the existing files.

Antivirus Features and Malware Scanning

Keeping your file safe is a crucial thing that you should do. It improves both your experience and that of web visitors. In this regard, many web hosting providers have resolved to provide antivirus features and malware-scanning services. These antiviruses detect and prevent any malicious codes from harming your website. They also restore the system files to their original forms by undoing the effects brought about by viruses. You should make sure that these kinds of features are provided by the web hosting company you want to go for.

Firewall Features and Spam Filters

Another crucial feature that you should put into consideration before choosing a web hosting company is the firewall feature. A firewall will protect your website against malicious access from dubious sources. A spam filter will also help in blocking emails that contain harmful codes. Choosing a web hosting company that has these features can be vital for the security of your website.

Secure Data centre

A protected Data centre is also very crucial. You must make sure that the physical features of your web hosting provider are well protected from the realms of mother nature like power shortages and earthquakes. The web host should be ready to deal with these kinds of uncertainties. You should choose a web hosting company whose datacenter is not exposed to such natural disasters.


There are other factors that you should put into consideration when choosing on a web hosting provider. However, when it comes to security considerations, these ten are very vital. The security of your website should be given priority and that is why following these tips can be of great help.