2 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Shopify Store

It’s a big deal if you’re starting a Shopify store. That means you can present your products to customers without paying anything. One of the easiest ways to start an online business is through drop shipping. You only order when you make a sale instead of keeping an inventory of your online store. The supplier does shipping for you to sell all over the world. However, being a prosperous drop shipper requires constant learning. There’re a variety of e-commerce entrepreneurs listed on Traffic Tsunami- 5 Best Shopify Courses that’ll guide new and budding entrepreneurs on the ways to grow their businesses.

Drop shipping is one of the few online businesses with the lowest risk because it’s free to use, and you don’t need an inventory. You only need your monthly Shopify account fee. Besides that, you spend on your domain cost on advertising. After setting up your drop shipping, you’ll need to find ways to bring customers to your store. Any use of Google ads, Instagram influencers paid Facebook ads to bring traffic to their store. But, wait a second. How will you make sales without paying for traffic? This article talks about some of the freeways to drive traffic to your Shopify store.

Engaging with Online Communities

The social networks are full of online communities that one could use to engage with their audience. For example, you could use Reddit. You could post a picture of your favorite bike and write a sentence or two about why you love it. You could even buy the product to have a first-hand experience. One of the users could ask you where you got the product. That’s when you could share a link to your store and inform them that you found them cheaper. The coming days could be one of the best days as you’ll receive more sales and customer emails. This Reddit strategy works and it won’t even cost you an ad fee. You’ll discover that sometimes the best things in life are free.

There are other great communities on the internet, such as Facebook and Pinterest. You could join Facebook groups from those with the same interest and post quality content. It’ll provide a communication space about share interest with others, and you can create a group for anything. You can create a Pinterest board and start pinning, and they never expire. Your posts will always come up in searches. They’re a perfect way of generating organic traffic to your store.

Growing Your Brand’s Instagram

No one can deny that Instagram provides the best traffic for free. Your drop-shipping store could benefit whether you have a budget for ads or not. Instagram has a massive one billion monthly users. That’s a lot of potential customers. It has developed into a place to connect with communities. So, why is it a useful place for getting free traffic?

Creating an Instagram account is free. But you have to actively engage with your audience to win without spending a penny. You’ll need lots of followers and great content to build social proof. A customer will be inclined to make a sale from you if they see lots of engagement. But how do you get lots of followers? You can apply the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your posts are inspiring, beautiful, and helpful to your audience. The other 20% is to promote your product and brand.


Every business aims to make money through sales. This can only be done online by driving traffic to your Shopify store, and these two ways will help you do that. Are there any other ways you drive traffic to your store? Feel free to share it in the comments below.