3 Simple Computer Pranks

3 Simple Computer Pranks

Some people take computers too seriously and get frustrated when even a simple problem/bug occurs. Trolling them would be evil but so much fun. In this article, I’ll tell a few simple and easy to do simple computer tricks which you can use to prank your fellow mates. These are simple tricks that won’t harm their files or any other stuff. It will just blow their mind and then you can recover the original easily.

Fake Desktop Screen

This trick catches most of the people, sometimes even the experts couldn’t figure out with is happening. Take a full-size screenshot of the desktop, set it as wallpaper, hide icons and taskbar, easy peasy. The person getting pranked will be clicking on an empty background in frustration.


  • Take a full-size screenshot of the desktop which can be done via Snipping Tool. Just search that in the start menu then take one by clicking the bottom arrow near the NEW button, select the Full-screen option, click NEW then save it. Now right click on the image and set it as desktop wallpaper.
  • Now hide all the icons on the desktop by right click on the desktop then VIEW then SHOW DESKTOP ICONS.
  • Lastly, hide the taskbar by right-clicking on the taskbar then SETTINGS then toggle on the option auto-hide taskbar in desktop mode.

Change screen saver to error page like Blue Screen Of Death

3 Simple Computer Pranks

Blue Screen of Death is one of the most absurd Windows error which hangs and restarts the PC. Most people hate it as it suddenly appears and all the work they’ve been doing since can get lost. You can simply do this by downloading a BSOD image from Google then put it as the screen saver. Whenever they get out of theirĀ seat and come back later, they’ll look on a Blue screen and will be mind fu*ked until they move the mouse and figure out the prank.

Change the Mouse Pointer to something else

Basics of windows, whenever the circle beside the arrow pointer is revolving, means something is loading up. What if it keeps on rotating on forever and nothing loads up. This will make your silly friend frustratedĀ and you can Snapchat him then. The cool thing is that even rebooting won’t resolve this problem.

This can be done easily by going to Control Panel then Appearance and Personalization > Personalization > Change mouse pointers to see your options. We recommend “busy” or “working in the background.”

So these were three easiest computer pranks you can pull out on your fellow mates and Snapchat them. Do share other pranks you think are cool and easy. Also share the fun you had pranking others.