5 Best Online Free PDFtoPPT Converters (# 1 Takes the Lead)

Do you know that you can convert PDF to PPT online? PPT is actually a file format extension for MSPowerPoint Presentation built by Microsoft company. This particular file format is advantageous when you’re creating presentations. If you have a PDF file that you want to convert to PPT you should use online converters. In the following paragraphs, we’ll list the top five websites to convert your PDF file to PPT online, and also discuss the best desktop converter.


This is a free online PDF to PPT converter. You can convert your PDF on this link Sodapdf.com/PDF-to-ppt/. Sodapdf allows you to upload your PDF which is editable. With this particular application, you can easily organize and manage your PDFfile before converting them. This website also supports various other output formats such as Excel, Publisher, Open Office HTML, Word and, AutoCAD. It’s a powerful online converter tool that converts scanned PDFfile to PPT.

Free PDF Convert

You should pay a visit to this particular site and convert the PDF file to PPT without any setbacks. This particular website supports various other output formats such as Images, Excel, and Word. With this website, you can easily copy the Web address of the PDF that you want to convert. At the same time, it doesn’t require your email to convert your files. On the other hand, it is advisable to sign in so that you can do endless PDF to PPT conversion. It’s also a multilingual software program that supports over 30 languages such as Turkish, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish and others.

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This PDF Converter is a PDF to PPT converter online that makes it possible for you to convert PDF file to editable MSPowerPoint presentations Excel, word and Images. It’s easy to use and it extremely fast. You need to simply upload your PDF document, convert and download your converted file. While on this website you can easily split PDF, compress PDF, unlock PDF, Lock PDF and merge PDF within a couple of clicks. This particular web-based tool enables you to upload documents from the computer, Google Drive and Dropbox. Additionally, it can create PDF documents from Images, word, and Excel.


This is another user-friendly site that works with different file formats. Online-Converter.com is actually a file converter that makes it possible for you to convert different formats and it supports input formats such as PDF and converts them in Flash, PPT, TXT DOC, HTML, ODT, and PPTX, this website supports different import resources such as Google Drive, Dropbox or local folder. On top of that, this website is an online archive converter, eBook converter, video converter, audio converter, and Image converters.


This website will not miss its top 5th place as a converter on this list. This website can convert PDF documents to PPT, XLS, Images, and DOC without trouble. This website also allows you to organize pages, manage pages, view PDF, compress PDF, add headers and footers, and protect its original look.