Be a Smart Trader – 5 Common Binary Options Mistakes to Avoid

The binary options market has few winners. Most traders lose so much that they give up altogether. Losses are attributed to a range of common mistakes that most traders tend to make. Fewer mistakes would mean fewer losses and more wins.

Here are five common mistakes to be on the lookout for and avoid when trading binary options.

Starting with Real Money

Binary options trading may sound simple, but it isn’t. It takes some training and practice to get a hurdle on how the market works. It is customary (and prudent) for new traders to practice on a demo account before investing real money. These accounts work just like the real ones but use fake virtual currencies. The idea is to polish your skills before you get into the shark tank.

If you start off trading with real money, you will certainly incur losses as explained and outlined in a good read at These losses will not only leave you poorer but also hurt your confidence and morale going forward.

Picking an Incompetent Broker

You may be good at binary options trading, but it takes the services and support of a good broker to enable you to harness your expertise. There are thousands of online brokers, but many are not to be trusted. Some are not licensed while others are just out to get your money. Picking the right broker is crucial to your success.

The ideal broker should meet all the legal thresholds. They should be licensed, certified, and regulated by the authorities. This way, you can be sure that they will play fair and honor their end of the deal every time.

Lacking a Trading Strategy

Most amateur traders make random trades and hope that the outcome suits them. Sadly, they incur more losses than the profits they make. Smart traders always have a trading strategy at hand, and they tend to follow it religiously.

An ideal trading strategy should guide you on which assets to trade when to trade when to stay on the sidelines, and when and how to make any move. These strategies are built upon technical and fundamental analysis, and many utilize automated trading algorithms and programs. Trading without a strategy is akin to flying blind – you won’t get far.

Chasing Losses

Incurring losses is a part-and-parcel of trading binary options. Unfortunately, some traders make such huge losses that they become desperate to recoup. The desperation skews their decision making, and they end up making random trades. All this ends in more losses.

It is never advisable to trade while under pressure. If you find yourself making too many losses, you should consider changing your trading strategy or venturing into another financial market.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Some people have gotten rich off the binary options market. However, they are the few exceptional traders who have mastered the markets well, and there aren’t many of them.

It takes a lot of time and dedication to amassing riches off trading binary options, so don’t expect much just yet. If you are wise in your trades, then you will make considerable income, enough to get you to retirement. Take it one step at a time, and eventually, your investments will bloom.

These are just some of the common mistakes that most binary options traders make. They are, however, not the only ones.