5 Most Memorable Employee Rewards and Recognition Ideas

With more than 32.5 million businesses in the U.S., it is safe to say that there are quite a few other businesses competing for the same talent you have.

Coming up with good employee rewards and recognition ideas is important if you want to keep your top talent. While people might act like they don’t care about being recognized, to some extent, everyone cares.

Continue reading this article to get the best ideas for recognizing employees.

1. Office Outing

When your employee or a team has hit a certain goal or has done something you want to recognize and reward them for, having an office outing is a great way to show appreciation.

If you don’t want to lose time at work, you can schedule the outing for after work but some people like to schedule outings during the workday to make it extra special.

2. Challenge Coins

The military has been using challenge coins for a long time and now coins for small businesses are becoming more popular.

You can create certain coins for different achievements such as top salesperson, office motivator, etc.

3. Positive Feedback

Sometimes the most impactful rewards or recognition can be the most simple things. Giving your employees positive feedback in public or in private means a lot.

If you are going to do a public reputation of the person, make sure you tell this person how you feel about them in private first. When people already know how you feel about them, you’re going to make more of an impact when you say something about them in public because its more genuine.

4. Private Lunch Out

Do you want to reward someone that isn’t a social butterfly? People that might have social anxiety or don’t do well in large crowds are likely to appreciate a private lunch with their boss.

Instead of putting your employees into a situation where they are going to be the center of attention, let them have some time talking to you to ask questions and understand how they can go to the next level in their career.

5. Company Swag

You might not think your employees are going to want company swag, but a proud employee will be more than happy to show off their pride and loyalty to the company.

T-shirts, hoodies, mugs and anything else you might have with company branding is a good way to reward your employees.

Now You Know the Best Employee Rewards and Recognition Ideas

Now that you know the best employee rewards and recognition ideas, you can figure out which ones are going to work for you.

Not every idea is going to work for your business, so choose the ones that fit your culture.

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