5 New Ways to Use Your Smartphone


Despite their staggering capabilities, smartphones are rarely pushed to their limits. The average smartphone owner may use camera, game and communication apps but what else could you be missing out on? If you want to get the most out of your device, check out these 5 innovative ways to use your smartphone….

1. Portable TV

Forget recording your favourite shows on to a hard drive or scouring the internet to find a safe download method. If you have a smartphone, you effectively have a portable TV at your disposal. Whether you want to watch the latest releases on Freeview, catch up with the news or see live events in real-time, your smartphone is all you need.

You’ll find numerous apps and websites that offer easy access to live channels. Simply verify your existing subscriptions or log in to watch free channels from anywhere.

2. Health Guru

Health tech has become increasingly popular in recent years, with very good reason. The accuracy of data collected means wearable devices can provide critical information regarding your health and fitness. Before you blow your budget on the latest gadgets, however, take a look at what your smartphone is already capable of.

As well as tracking your activity, you can rely on the latest models to deliver customised workout plans, give you access to easy, nutritional recipes and even share your latest running routes with friends.

Medical apps can even monitor your blood glucose, connect you to healthcare professionals and enable the early detection of some skin cancers. Combining tech and convenience, using your smartphone to enhance your health is destined to be a gamechanger.

3. Complete Control

If you don’t yet have a fully smart home, fear not. You can use your smartphone to control a surprisingly high number of appliances. In fact, anything that relies on infrared can be controlled by your phone. This includes TVs, music systems, DVD players, Freeview devices and even heaters or air conditioners. By leveraging your smartphone’s capabilities, you can create your own version of a smart home with minimal effort or expense.

Most phones will need an app to access this function, but the tech is built-in to your phone and is ready to be used. If you’re fed up of being surrounded by remotes or you’ve lost the remote control for your device, your smartphone provides a hassle-free alternative.

4. Protect Your Mental Health

Technology is leading the way when it comes to better access to mental health treatment and support. For many people, accessing professional help for mental health issues is difficult, expensive and time-consuming. With access to qualified therapists via apps, however, your smartphone provides a secure way to talk to someone, whenever you need to.

In addition to this, there are a growing number of apps designed to help you reduce anxiety, minimise stress and enhance your mood. From guided meditations to relaxational hypnosis, you can use your smartphone to create a customised routine to boost your mental health.

5. Support Charities

As well as protecting your own finances, your smartphone can help you to support a range of charities, non-profit organizations and socially responsible companies. There are thousands of enterprises that offer to make some form of donation if you provide them with feedback, upload a photo or share their content. In many instances, you can raise funds for charity without changing your routine at all.

Simply snap a picture of what you’re doing and upload it to the relevant site to prompt a donation. Alternatively, free apps give you a seamless way to take part in initiatives and provide valuable support to the causes you feel strongly about.

When you’re visiting a restaurant or buying a coffee, be sure to check whether the venue has any social initiatives in place. Often, you can secure a donation for a non-profit organization simply by sharing a photo of your experience. Want to raise funds for great causes without doing anything different? Reach for your smartphone.

Make the Most of Your Devices

If playing Bubble Cloud or Candy Crush accounts for 97% of your screen time, you’re probably not stretching your phone’s capabilities on a regular basis. While mobile games can be a fun and productive way to use your phone, don’t forget to explore other functions too. With the potential to improve your mental health, monitor your physical wellbeing, raise funds for charity, connect with friends, complete your work or watch TV, there really isn’t much you and your smartphone can’t do.