5 Therapy Worksheets To Improve Your Relationship

One of the most effective ways to improve your relationship with your partner is, believe it or not, to work through some Couples Therapy Worksheets. When both parties put the same amount of effort into completing these, they will grow closer with the help of interactive tasks that promote communication and vulnerability. And the best part of it all? The vast majority of Couples Therapy Worksheets are FREE! So, if you and your S/O are currently struggling with an issue, why not turn to one? You might be surprised by the outcome.

Here are some of our favorite online therapy worksheet resources to help you improve your relationship:

Relationship Evaluation Worksheet:

If you and your partner are new to the world of couples therapy worksheets, the Relationship Evaluation Worksheet might be your best starting point. This particular worksheet allows you to diagnose the current state of your relationship while pointing out basic misunderstandings. Allowing you to discuss any underlying issues.

Conflict Resolution Worksheet:

Healthy conflict resolution is needed for couples to communicate effectively. This is why there are plenty of worksheets for it out there. Unlike evaluation worksheets, these ones don’t rely on a question-and-answer format. Conflict resolution worksheets provide a list of appropriate conflict resolution skills for you to use when needed.

Self-Visualization Worksheet:

One way to improve your bond with your partner is by looking inward. Sometimes our relationship issues, such as jealousy or anger management, are actually personal. Self-visualization worksheets allow you to not only achieve self-improvement but also encourage your partner to do the same. These interactions will help you understand one another on a deeper level.


If you and your partner are into the idea of completing these worksheets, you should try Relish. It is a highly-personalized relationship coaching app that helps couples work through their problems. Relish also provides a variety of useful quizzes, articles, and lesson plans to help you achieve your #CoupleGoals.