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5 Tips to Influence Better Blogging – Part 2

We shared an article on 5 tips to influence better blogging but we were not able to wrap all in things in one article, so here is the part 2. If you haven’t read the previous one then go back and read it from the link below:

5 Tips to Influence Better Blogging – Part 1

better blogging

Stop supporting blogs that refuse to moderate their commentary

There are so many tools and methods to moderating trolls and assholes that an inmate-run blog of considerable size is absolutely inexcusable. Lazy methods like forced logins and downvotes to invisibility are not enough and you should force the owners to put human eyes behind their comments. As guests, you are our bread and butter, and you have to realize that a blog which allows you to be insulted and demeaned does not respect you as a reader.

Double check surveys and news breaks before re-posting

When you re-post an article to your social media it is similar to giving that writer some money. You have essentially advertised their work to everyone you know and I must personally thank those of you who have honored me in the past. When you see surveys posted be sure to look for real sources cited (and read the sources) before posting it as fact. The less parody, troll articles that get spread as truth will make us all a tad bit better for it.

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Suggest articles that you want to read

Many bloggers struggle for content, and if you value their general opinion on life and want to hear their thoughts on something, why not send in an email or comment asking for them to do it? Many guests have done that here, but I really wish more would. It would eliminate a lot of redundancy and a lot of dry “slow news day” articles.

Stay off of blogs that blatantly beg for donations

We are here to serve YOU, not the other way around. Smart bloggers have to figure out how to monetize their work through various means and the ones who earn it get paid. A person who begs you for money—just so they can dole you out some of their opinion at 500 words a day—is hustling backwards in the worst way. It offends me when I see the money jar, and I would rather see an ad for something I can use. Still if you do feel that person should be paid… by all means toss em a sawbuck through PayPal.

Join Newsletters

While there is a ton of spammy nonsense in each of our inboxes, a blog’s newsletter is a great way to support them. The positive for you the reader is that once a week you can skim the articles that were released and decide on your terms if you want to click through and read it. Subscribing will get you a feed of plenty but you can miss content very easily due to that. A newsletter is personal and easily skimmed at your discretion… Plus when you get tired of it you can simply unsubscribe!