7 Corporate Gifting Ideas One Must Consider

What is your corporate relationship worth to you? If you believe in building strong relationships with your clients, you’ll want to focus on giving better gifts to ensure that your clients will never stray. There are seven great ways to give your clients gifts, all while making yourself unforgettable.

1. Boxed chocolates that are branded.

One of the finest ways to keep your client’s eyes in front of you is to send them boxed chocolates or other treats in branded packaging? Luxury corporate gifting to your clients is important to maintaining a good relationship with them. The only better thing is adding your branded packaging so they won’t forget you.

2. Leather embossed letter pads.

Genuine leather writing pads that are embossed with silver or gold for your clients are a splendid way to say “Thank you for your business.” They are beautifully designed, and the smell of new leather is always enticing for the individual on the receiving end of this gift. A leather journal that has been embossed is stylish and classy, giving the client the appearance that they are highly valued. When your client shares this leather writing pad with others, your company name will get noticed.

3. Gift baskets with high-end items.

Fruit baskets have been a popular gift for decades, but what about gift baskets with high-end chocolates and wine? There are now so many ways to send gift baskets filled with whatever your heart desires. There are now companies that offer baskets with “something for everyone”. The possibilities are endless.

4. Business Card Holder.

Business card holders are old news, but what isn’t old news is the high-tech business cardholder. This cardholder also has a sliding thumb feature which is unique for the Fayeah. This thumb-drive business card holder is really impressive, and it’s sure to send the message that you know the key to luxury corporate gifts.

5. Macaron tower.

Who doesn’t enjoy cookies? The macaron tower is sure to please the cookie lover in every client. Macarons are unlike any other cookie. They look different and can be made a million and one ways. This means that they are one of the most luxurious corporate gifts you can give.

6. Coach duffle bags.

Travel bags are always nice, but custom duffle bags from Coach are a great way to thank your clients for their business. Coach has always been known for its dedication to high-quality handbags. Whether or not you agree that Coach is the master of all handbags, these beautiful duffle bags are a great way to get your name remembered by the masses.

7. Gold-Coated fountain pens.

Did you know that fountain pens are not only stylish, but are effective in helping your clients remember your name? Pens may look elegant when coated with silver or gold, but fountain pens are a unique way of making a statement. There are many companies that make beautiful fountain pens and can produce them for your special clients, including:

  • Montblanc
  • Cross pens
  • Dryden
  • Wordsworth
  • Menaggio
  • Hungarian

There are multiple alternatives when it comes to gifting in luxury at the corporate level. There are a few organizations that specialize in luxury gifting at this level, and there are other companies that are willing to make more of what you want if you are willing to pay a higher price.

Make sure that you let your clients know how much you appreciate them regardless of the time of year. You will be glad you did when they come back to do business with you.