7 Hidden ways to keep your Instagram profile fresh

Social media, a tool in the hands of the modern man, has opened up a new dimension to human life. It is not only fun and easy to use but also informative and corroborative. In this age, social media engagement has been on a steady rise and this presents an opportunity to be tapped. It sees millions of daily active users who engage with other users on a more regular basis than ever before.

One such social media platform is Instagram. It is one of the most sought-after places for fame and reaches. It accounts for 1 billion active users now on a monthly basis while the majority of them aged between 18 and 24 years. This is one platform that has the power to reach billions of people with just a single picture or video.

Far away from its initial view to just share moments with other people, it has now become the most considered marketing platform owing to its popularity and large active user base. Irrespective of whether you are a person or a brand, if your Instagram strategy is well thought out, you can be highly successful on this platform. It combines fame and money in one place.

So, let’s look at 7 ways in which you can effectively use Instagram and keep it fresh:

1. Build a community

Instagram is all about building a community and engaging audience. When you first step onto Instagram, your primary focus should be to reach new people. Such people collectively form an active community that ends up in a resourceful Instagram presence. Your community comprises of people whom you are either going to show yourself or serve your brand to. They help you increase your brand awareness and get your more real IG likes on your posts.

A community will help you grow in various ways. They can share your posts personally, guide you on what people like or dislike and most importantly, keep you interested in doing what you do.

2. Promote engagement

Simply posting on your Instagram feed will never prove to be as effective as personal engagements. Instagram is basically catering people and thus, you need to reckon them more closely. This is only possible if you engage in meaningful conversations with them. It shall lead to a more confident and competent audience for your content.

Personal engagements would also help you promote yourself on a human level and it shall prove to be effective in the long run.

3. Be relatable

A typical Instagram wall would have several posts and an average user shall simply scroll down and forth. It can become difficult for you to hold back the audience on your post. For this very reason, your content needs to be relatable. It has been observed that posts which are more relatable to the general people, often climb up the engagements lists and thus ends up on top of several feeds.

4. Be contextual

When you own an Instagram account, be it for marketing or self-promotion, you have to focus on that one theme you want to share with people. This way your posts will be highly related to your subject and your audience will keep coming back for more.

5. Observe time patterns

It is usually noticed that a particular niche attracts its audience at specific times. This can be planned through experimenting with different posting times and making a note of when the post received the most engagement. This would not only help you gain better exposure, but also make your audience feel that their interests are taken care of.

6. Build a profile worth staying upon

When people visit your profile, they usually look at how organized and planned your profile looks. This instantly grabs their attention and urges people to scroll through your feed more inquisitively. Hence, plan your bio accordingly and make use of story highlights and every other feature that can add a star to your profile

7. Use appropriate Instagram tools

Instagram as a platform provides you with several tools such as basic editing of your pictures and choice of filters to convey the essence of your picture. It is at your discretion to use them in the best possible manner. They shall be appealing to your audience and different touch to your profile.