7 Reasons Why You Need a Spray On Bed Liner

Although Texas is 14th among US states in the pickup truck share market, it is the universe of truck owners. Texas accounts for 15% of pickup truck sales in the US. In fact, 1 in 5 pickup truck sales in the US can be traced to Texans.

As a new pickup truck owner, you want your new vehicle to serve you in different projects. While doing all the hard work, you want to ensure no damage comes to the truck bed. The best solution for you is Spray In Bedliner.

With this in place, you don’t have to worry about scratches or dents to your truck bed. Hauling furniture, and construction materials can cause damage to the sides of your truck bed. But with a Spray Bedliner, you have the best defense against dents and scratches.

Want to know more reasons why you need a Spray-On Bedliner for your pickup truck?

Read on to learn the 7 reasons why you need a spray on bed liner.

1. Protect Your Truck Bed from Rust and Corrosion

There are several benefits of having a stunning paint job. For starters, it makes the car look new and shiny. Second, it makes it easier for you to clean the car. Third, it helps to repel environmental damage such as oxidation.

This has been found to cause corrosion and rust. When water comes into contact with metal, oxidation occurs. In the process, rust is formed.

Last, it protects your car from scratches and also saves you money on repairs. Underneath the paint, you have the metallic frame. In case of scratches and dents, as you haul a heavy load, the metal frame will be exposed.

Oxidation will result in rust and corrosion but with a Spray In Bedliner in place, you don’t have to worry about that.

2. Offers UV Protection to Your Truck Bed

If you park your pickup truck on your driveway without a Spray On Bedliner, the Sun’s UV rays will damage your car. How?

When UV rays come into contact with your pickup truck paint job, the paint molecules receive a jolt of energy. This energy is in the form of heat. As such, the molecular bonds begin breaking.

Continued exposure of your car to UV rays makes the paint have a weathered look ( not reflective). By installing a Bedliner, you protect your truck bed against UV rays.

3. Spray in Bedliner Is Easy to Repair

Industrial Polymers points out that Spray Bedliner is indestructible.

Well, despite its indestructibility, Spray In Bedliner can stain. In case of a chemical or paint spill, the stain is permanent. If this happens to your truck bed, you may decide to try DIY methods. For instance, cleaning the chemical spill or paint using Scotchbrite pads, power sanding or hand block sanding.

When you do this, you risk eroding the layers of the bed liner. This will expose the paint job and metal frame of your car. If your bed liner is damaged, all you have to do is drive to the nearest mechanic shop.

Here is how highly trained experts apply the bed liner on your truck bed. They begin by protecting the rest of the truck (paint job, mirrors, and windscreen). Afterward, they thoroughly clean and scuff the bed liner to ensure a strong molecular bond.

Finally, the experts apply an even coat of Spray In Bedliner and allow it to dry and cure. You can drive your pickup truck away two hours after application.

4. Protects Your Cargo from Damage

As you drive from point A to B with your cargo, they will move or slide around. This is true when you accelerate, brake or make sudden stops. The Spray In Bedliner protects your cargo when driving.


By preventing your cargo from sliding on the truck bed. This prevents scratches and dents from your delicate cargo. For instance, if you have bought a new set of furniture, dents and scratches can diminish its value.

5. Extends the Life of Your Pickup Truck

Since you rely on your truck, it is important to ensure it provides you with long term service. Apart from maintenance, you need to protect your truck bed with Spray Bedliner.

As a high-quality product, it’s guaranteed not to bubble, flake or crack. In case of damage to the bed liner, repairs are easy. What you need to know is that the majority of companies back their bed liner with a lifetime warranty.

This gives you complete peace of mind. Not only that. It protects your pickup truck and extends its lifespan.

6. Increases the Resale Value of Your Pickup Truck

If you were a prospective buyer, would you go for a pickup truck with a Spray Bedliner or one with a bare truck bed? Can’t make up your mind? Read on to find out the benefits of a bed liner to a pickup truck.

Having a bed liner protects your fleet’s truck beds from scratches and dents. For instance, if you are planning on hauling a ladder or wood, if you lean it on the tailgate, it can create gouges. Having a Spray Bedliner minimizes damage to your truck bed.

It protects the factory finish and preserves the paint as if it were in a time capsule. As such, your truck will always be well-taken care for. This increases the resale value of the pickup truck.

7. Custom Fit for Your Pickup Truck Bed

Unlike drop-in bed liners, the Spray In Bedliner can be custom fit for your pickup truck. The reason for this is that highly trained technicians spray the material on your truck bed. As such, no room is left as empty space between the truck bed and the bed liner.

The technicians spray an even thickness of the bed liner to ensure no extra weight is added to your truck. To withstand the weight of heavy loads, the floor of the bed liner is the thickest.

Protecting Your Pick Truck with Spray in Bedliner

The protective coating of a Spray In Bedliner has lots of benefits. It protects your truck bed from dents and scratches. Also, it protects the truck bed from rust, and weather damage. This preserves the appearance of your pickup truck and improves its resale value.

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