7 Tips To Promote Custom Made Products In The Market

Custom made products are not just making waves in Australia; they are creating an avalanche of sorts across the Globe. One excellent example of this would be a shoe company, Shoes of Prey. Shoes of Prey launched its customized products just seven years back and today has its offices in Los Angeles and various other parts of the world. This speaks volumes for the power of customization when it is done right!

There are two main reasons for the explosion of custom-made products worldwide. The first reason has got to do with the low per-unit cost of production of customized products. Say, you are reaching out to the crazy cricket audience in Queensland. So, you target this audience with custom-made cricket balls. Since more than 2.4 million cricket balls are produced in Australia annually, you don’t have to start your manufacturing unit. All you need to do is get some of them at discounted prices, brand them, and you are ready for your business.

The second reason why custom-made products are so popular is their customer-centricity. World over, the size of this industry is 230 Billion USD. In Australia, 9 out of 10 customers remember customized products.

Why is this so?

Because customers want to be loved, to be understood, and to be considered notable at all times. Now that you have understood the value of this industry, it is time to know some golden rules about making your brand tick.

1.Exclusive Preview

If you have been selling your custom-made products for quite some time, you would have made some loyal customers too. Leverage them to create additional brand pull. Reach out to them, inviting them to preview your product exclusively. This means that they will be the first to check out your product before anyone else. To learn how you can get exclusive previews, visit website.

2. Social media contests

More people are on social media these days than ever. Over the years, newer social media platforms have come into being like Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. Some brands have understood the power of social media and are using them imaginatively. You can promote your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through contests and giveaways. Perhaps you may consider creating a calendar for a disciplined approach. Next, identify the brands, messages, and phrases that you would like to promote. Flesh out your hashtags, and then execute your promotion.

3. Use Google

It is fantastic that many people do not know about Google My Business. It is a retail product meant for small businesses, and you can advertise your product free. If you want to promote your brand for a short period, check out its Promotions tab. Set your budget and objectives, and you are good to go.

4. Emails

What do you do the first thing upon reaching your office? Open emails, of course. But do you know that 82% of customers open emails from businesses? Also, 44% of all email recipients made purchases after opening emails. The point is that to promote your custom made product, and you should consider using email marketing.

5. In-store promotions

Another way of promoting your stuff is in-store promos. If you already have a store, use one corner of your shop for exclusive deals and discounts for your new products.

6. Word of Mouth

This is another way of promoting your products. Incentivize your customers to talk about your product with their friends and families.

7. Facebook Ads

Putting Facebook ads is another excellent way of selling your products. You can customize your budgets and audiences and generally achieve a lot in a limited budget.