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Curve Magazine is a tech, football, trends-specific website blog. We believe in quality and original content for our users and provide a responsive and elegant design so that users can have a neat and excellent reading experience. Implementing such content needs good tools and authors who do not come for free, such things add up to our expenses and to deal with those we sure add Advertisements to our website. Not like other blogs, we don’t stuff advertisements everywhere we make sure it is at a place where users give 100% attention to it when they visit our website or when they are leaving but also does not affect them in anyways while they are reading the post.


We accept all types of advertisements except link stuffing and popups, all kinds of banner advertisements are accepted. You can also advertise with us through sponsored posts. In a sponsored, you can submit your article with promotional links to us in exchange for an advertising fee.

We are part of a bigger network, please visit here for more advertising details, Jetstat Advertising.

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