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Advice from Professional Paper Writer – How to Write Papers if you’re not a Writer

Tips for Writing an Essay

Business owners do not always order assignments for a website from experienced professional writers. The reasons for this are a limited budget, a desire to develop a personal brand on their own, or the fear of not finding an expert author in a market niche. Sometimes texts from direct participants in the process turn out to be more interesting and sincere than from an outsourcer. Before you start writing, read our tips.

5 Tips for Writing an Essay to Pay Attention to from a Professional Paper Writer

1. Determine the purpose of the paper

There are three main types of content: selling, educational, and entertainment. But this division is conditional. An educational paper may well be a selling one since it forms the loyalty and trust of a potential client. The same problem, in fact, is solved by entertainment content. To correctly determine the purpose of any assignment, ask yourself: “What result do I want to get from it?” Evaluate the benefits not from your point of view, but from the point of view of the client. For example, when deciding to write news about the launch of a new line of shampoo, formulate the question “Why does the client know that we have launched a new line of shampoo?” Find the answer – write effective assignments. Correctly written texts help:

  • advertise your brand on social networks – selling content;
  • get new unique visitors – entertaining, educational content;
  • to promote the site in the search results – SEO-optimization.

You can try to get everything at once, but in this case, it is better to seek help from experts.

To make it easier to determine the purpose of the text, ask yourself: What should be the result so that after it you say: “Yes, that’s why we wrote our order.”

2. Think over the structure of the paper

Classic text outline:


It should be short, intriguing, compelling to read on. Some authors write the introduction after the main part is written – this way it is more convenient to place accents and “play” on the reader’s attention.

Main body

If before people read papers slowly and thoughtfully, now they glide through the text, highlighting the main points. This saves time and allows you to quickly assess the usefulness of the text.

What should you do? Use subheadings, bulleted or numbered lists. For example, formulate them in the form of recommendations, as in our article, list the main mistakes, methods, ways, ideas. Don’t make large paragraphs. Typically one paragraph consists of 3-5 lines. Do not write sentences of the same length, because a text composed according to this principle will be boring, monotonous, and your reader will fall asleep somewhere in the middle of the paragraph. Alternate between long and short phrases.


Here you need to briefly summarize what has been said, list the main points and direct the reader to a specific action. For example, in selling texts it is a call to order online, buy orders, subscribe to an English company.

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3. Write the text in your own words

That’s what you want to tell your readers, then first write, observing the structure whenever possible. A text is written with emotion, from an expert or a direct participant in events, always evokes a response.

Write as if you were telling a friend about the subject of the article. An imaginary friend is a useful thing. It helps to choose the right tone of the story, to explain incomprehensible phrases, add a touch of friendliness and humor, if appropriate. Do not be afraid to first include jargon or professional terms in the text, because the former can, if desired, be replaced with a traditional sound, and the latter can be explained.

4. Edit

And edit. And edit. Do this many times.

You probably have a question: “How to understand that the text has already been edited if I do not know what to remove or add to it?”

Custom paper writing services for students

Here are the criteria of a good text:

Should NOT be:

  • Cliche;
  • Obvious things;
  • Unnecessary words such as “honestly”, “like”;
  • Imprecise definitions;
  • Long texts.


  • Logics;
  • Clear structure;
  • Interesting comparisons, examples;
  • Numbers, clear data;
  • Sentences and paragraphs of different lengths.

5. Add illustrations to the paper

And it’s not just about pictures. If appropriate, use gif animations, videos, photos, infographics. Do not download pictures from free photo stocks, everyone is tired of them. The best design is true, real photos.

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