Best Apps to Watch Sports on Firestick?

Cutting down the cords is simply one of the greatest ideas you need to check on right at this moment. Technology has been grown so long and so are changing the trends as well. It has become so much easier to watch out our favorite shows, movies, and sports without getting indulged in cables. Kodi and Firestick are the two greatest options that have increased the volume of content a lot. You can seamlessly access the same for hours without having any disturbance. News and live sporting events are the two options that are currently lagging behind the race. Nothing in this world is impossible. You can easily access the sports on Firestick, just by opting for a suitable way. But do you know, what exactly is it? If not, just keep on reading this article to get suitable help for watching live sports on your Firestick for free.

How to access live sports on Firestick?

Cutting up your cable cords would not be quite enough until you are having some suitable sources in hand. There are surely various options that can make your ride for sports on firestick much easier. Below we are mentioning you some of the finest solutions to access live sports on Firestick. We have also listed some best jailbroken firestick apps to stream sports for free.


Mobdro is one of the leading apps that can turn up your Firestick TV into a hot and trending live sports platform. Just integrate your android device with your Windows system and access your favorite sports by using an android emulator. Mobdro is one of the best way to watch ufc fights online.

Kodi Add-ons

As we know the thing that Kodi is the best and largest online platform for streaming online, it offers a host for various sports-related add-ons to the users. You can install Kodi on your Firestick and can enjoy our favorite sports online without having any disturbance over there.


If you can afford a bit higher budget for watching out your favorite sports, ESPN+ is surely an option you can use on your Firestick. It is a paid option that brings you a wide range of sports content for you such as boxing, tennis, cricket, rugby, soccer, and much more. The best thing about this platform is that it offers liver coverage to various sports events as well.


PLUTO TV is surely the best and free option to watch out your favorite sports online. It is an odd app where one can ask for some content on-demand as well but the thing here is just that you have to pay for it. Shows and movies are often being scheduled here on time and that you can easily access by properly tuning into to catch the films. But the additional thing is that you can watch out various live sports and original sports documentaries here as well.


Plex is a group of channels where you can easily find out several free sports channels as well. You just need to tune into your favorite one for watching out your favorite sports here. The platform is famous for providing original sports documentaries and live sports such as football, NFL, NHL, Golf and much more.

Don’t forget the VPN

If you all have set to get into the world of live sports, VPN is must to have the option you can’t afford missing. VPNs however not only the key access to acquire extreme security and privacy on the web but also masks of your identity as well. It is the way to get access over the restricted content as well and that too without hesitation. When it comes to sports, the majority of the content here is being restricted to specific countries and that is why we admire to have on the same as well.


If you are a true sports lover and don’t want to miss out on any of your favorite sport due to some restrictions or budget issues, we have provided you some of the finest platforms that you can use for accessing the same on your Firestick. Technology has brought up so far and especially when we are talking about online streaming. We have now several options in hand that you can choose for making your ride smoother. The only thing you have to work for is to choose and use the right one only.