Are Current Technologies Enough To Make The Transition To Sustainable Energy?

In the last few years, even naysayers of Climate Change are acknowledging its presence. With the Earth’s temperatures heating up every year, it is high time that the conversation around sustainable energy becomes a central one.

It should be noted that our dependence on Fossil Fuels is not only depleting but also contributing to Global Warming. We are burning fuel, increasing temperatures and releasing poisonous gases into the environment.

Even though the fossil fuel lobby continues to be strong, world leaders are waking up to an alternate reality. One important thing, which continues to dominate discussions, is the fact that are we ready.

Technology and Sustainable Energy: What you need to know

Skeptics of the move to sustainable energy point to the fact that we lack technological impetus. This means that there still has not been too much innovation when it comes to using sustainable energy. They also point out that setting up sustainable energy is an expensive process.

Conventional sources of energy like coal, oil, and gas have proven and cost-effective production and distribution channels. Does the same exist for sustainable sources of energy as well?

According to Energy experts like Douglas Healy, a case can be made for using existing grids and distribution systems for sustainable energy. He points out that we can continue using the same lines of supply from the source to the consumer in the same fashion.

This obviously needs to be done with some alteration. There is no doubt that we have the technology in the present-day world to make use of sustainable energy. The question that one should rather address involves the economics of it all.

Is the production and distribution of Sustainable Energy Economic?

Everyone is more or less aware of renewable and sustainable sources of energy. We are talking about solar power, wind energy, hydro-power, and geothermal power. While most of this technology has been talked about and experimented, it is still not mainstream.

This means that the sources of sustainable energy have still not become mainstream. The economics behind it all has still not been able to generate power on a level of fossil fuels. The establishing of solar farms, the production of solar voltaic cells and other instruments are still expensive, to say the least.

It should be noted that environmental scientists are always looking for ways and means to make the production and distribution of sustainable energy cost effective. A good case study in this regard has been Tesla- Elon Musk’s Electric Car Company.

Is Sustainable Energy the future of Humankind?

Many argue that without the shift to sustainable energy, there will be no future of humankind at all. The regular occurrences of Hurricanes, Storms, Wildfires and other natural calamities point to the fact that we are destroying our planet.

Unless a sustained effort is made towards renewable sources of energy, we are sure to melt the polar ice caps. With sea levels rising alarmingly and cities like Venice and Florida seeing frequent flooding, it is high time that we acknowledge the clear and present nature of the danger.

All of us need to do our bit in order to ensure that we counter Global Warming with sustainable energy. If we are not able to create and use the same, we should at least cut down on the use of fossil fuels. The time is right to protect the beauty of the planet and our environment for our future generations.

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