Top 3 B2B Lead Generation Tips for 2020

Lead generation is the bloodline of any B2B business. If you don’t have a proper process set up to generate leads then eventually your sales will stagnate and your business will fail. So it’s super important to have a great process in place.

In this article, we outline the 3 top tips to bring your B2B lead generation to the next level.

Let’s dive in:

1. Use LinkedIn Effectively

According to research, 92% of B2B marketers prefer to use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation, and for good reason. LinkedIn started as a way to upload your resume but has recently pivoted to become the leading B2B content platform.

In order to see the right results from LinkedIn, however, you need to use it effectively. Here are some of the steps you should follow to generate B2B leads on the platform:

  • Optimize your personal and company profile – add an intro, your skills, relevant news, and make everything look fresh and updated
  • Get recommendations and other social proof to show that you are successful in what you do
  • Share content regularly
  • Use a tool like LinkedHelper to automate your outreach on LinkedIn

2. Combine LinkedIn messages with emails

LinkedIn becomes really powerful when you combine it with email marketing. Use a tool like LinkedHelper to make a list of your ideal customers and target them all with a series of messages on LinkedIn. Once you do that, get their emails from any lead generation tool and send them a quick email drip campaign.

What few people realize is that your potential customers expect to receive anywhere between 5 to 6 emails and 3 to 4 LinkedIn messages to actually schedule a demo with you. So make templates and automate your outreach to see the best results.

3. Create content funnels

Your content strategy needs to be optimized. You can’t just publish and forget if you want to see great results. Each piece of content needs to target a customer in their particular part of the customer journey. And the most important part is to create a funnel for each piece of content.

For example, offer a free pdf guide on one of your LinkedIn posts. Then when the user clicks it should take them to a really nice optimized landing page where they could enter their email. Once you have their email you can now retarget them using email marketing and continue the conversation further.

You should never have orphaned content that doesn’t match your brand voice or doesn’t match your ideal customer profile. It’s best to create a monthly content calendar and plan everything in advance. That way you will have time to tweak and optimize.


If you follow the following three tips that we outlined in this article you will see a tremendous lift in the number of leads that you get and your conversion rates. The tips are:

1. Use LinkedIn effectively – optimize your profile and company pages, post regularly, target your ideal customers

2. Combine LinkedIn messages with email

3. Create content funnels – don’t leave any piece of content unattended, have a CTA and draw the user back to your site.

Did we miss anything? Leave any tips that you found helpful in the comments 🙂