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Top 7 Benefits You Get by Using Microsoft Sharepoint

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Nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Sharepoint as an internal network of communication and collaboration. It is the perfect solution to streamline a business using a cloud-based program.

If you are looking for ways to connect various departments and provide each with access to company data then Sharepoint may be right for your business.

Read on to find the top 7 benefits of Sharepoint.

What is Sharepoint?

If you are wondering what is Sharepoint used for then you first need to understand what it is. It is a web application used to customize business workflow.

Employees gain access to the site using a username and password with specific roles. All staff members can contribute to the content online, depending on their granted permissions. They can also view content and communicate with others.

The purpose of Sharepoint is to provide a central location for data storage, collaboration, and training.

Benefits of Sharepoint

Now that you know what is Sharepoint you should understand more about its usefulness to improve your business’s workflow. Here are just a few of the benefits for your business.

1. Collaborative Editing and Sharing

Emailing documents back and forth for editing leaves a lot of room for error. The latest version gets lost and information becomes incorrect. Someone may be left with an incomplete picture of a project, leading to devastating results.

Sharing and editing documents in Sharepoint eliminates this confusion. It allows a project team to make changes in real-time. This gives each participant the latest version of the document.

This feature also displays when and who made the edits. This makes it easy to create a Sharepoint custom workflow, ensuring that each person views the document during the appropriate time during the editing process.

The fact that the document is stored on the cloud makes editing and sharing available anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to be on your work computer to access files, log in to the program, or make edits.

2. Secure Data Storage

Using the cloud doesn’t just make document editing easier, it also keeps data secure and accessible.

A computer’s internal storage can run out fast and isn’t available to more than one person. It also is susceptible to hacking and damage, leading to irreversible damage.

Placing data online allows for large files to be stored safely. It can only be accessed using login credentials and is protected through designated permission granting. Administrators can keep certain data private.

It also makes it easy to access files away from the office and if you need to share data between colleagues.

3. Internal Web Content

One of the best Sharepoint features is the ability to create an intranet for your staff. A staff web site maintained by several administrators and available only to members allows confidential business information to be shared.

Sending memos, announcements, party invitations, and changes in company policies can all be uploaded and read online. This is an efficient way to ensure everyone on your team stays up-to-date and in the know about company events.

An intranet is also fully customizable. It can be catered toward your industry. Include the features you need and remove the ones that create clutter. Add your brand, voice, and team colors to keep the intranet focused on your mission.

4. Institutional Social Media

Administrators aren’t the only ones who can add content and communicate on Sharepoint. It also acts as a social media hub for staff members asking questions, sharing ideas, and even creating an employee marketplace.

Sharepoint is a resource to find and share information with your coworkers and connect on a personal level. This improves comradery and creates a sense of friendship within the office.

5. Administrative Roles

A level of the hierarchy can be developed using administrative roles. Admins distribute responsibilities among their staff to divide tasks and keep permission levels accurate.

Private groups and projects initiated by the administrators keep only essential personnel in certain areas of Sharepoint.

Admins also monitor posts and activities on the intranet to ensure work is being conducted appropriately. They can add as well as delete content to keep files relevant and uncluttered.

6. Simple Interface

Why use Sharepoint? The best answer is that anyone can easily navigate, post, and edit on the platform.

The single platform makes the interface uniform. So, it’s easy to search, save, and manage content.

You get your own profile where you can add professional information, customize your newsfeed, link your Outlook and Calendar, and connect with coworkers.

7. Useful Training Platform

When answering the question, “What does Sharepoint do?” you can’t leave out the ability to train your employees.

Sharepoint can be utilized as a training platform. Add modules, videos, and manuals for new employees to learn about the company. Human Resources can include a section for vacation, sick, and insurance information.

For outside training courses like Excel, Word, and other professional development courses, Sharepoint acts as a scheduling software. Login to your account to browse classes and register, then view your class schedule.

All of your training documents are online so it is easy to update and distribute them to all of your employees at once.

Getting Started with Sharepoint

One of the best benefits of Sharepoint is that it comes in several affordable packages and subscriptions. Sharepoint is included with Office 365 Business plans and can be paid monthly with a yearly commitment.

You can get the mobile Sharepoint App for free on your phone if you already have a subscription to access your site on the go.

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