Best Features of GBWhatsApp

GbWhatsapp is an apk file which is superior to the standard version of the Whatsapp because it includes a lot of features that you can’t even imagine of. It is the improved version of the existing system, and GbWhatsapp was developed and launched by ATNFAS HOAK. You can either Download GBWhatsapp from their official website or any other trusted third party site.

Without wasting your further time let’s head, towards the features of GbWhatsapp. So here we go!

• You can now avail dual Whatsapp accounts without changing your device or phone number

• You can now have a privacy option for double Whatsapp account, and each number has its privacy settings

• You can now have the ability to distinguish between regular messages and collective messages at the same time because that’s the necessary thing which each of the single people wanted Whatsapp to do

• You can now use two Whatsapp at the same time; you don’t have to switch off the first number and then use the other one

• You can send videos up-to 30mbs size to any of your contacts and you’re not going to face any problem

• You can post 50 pictures at one time, and you’ll not be asked to stop choosing photos for sending when you reach 30 pictures

• You can enjoy Whatsapp groups with counter statistic feature which is the most demanding features in any social media applications

• You can view the media which is sent to you without loading the application and without letting the sender know about the checking of media

• You can now hide name and date through GbWhatsapp

• You can now enjoy web login of Whatsapp through QR code scanning

• You can hide the last seen but still can view other’s person last seen which isn’t available in the present version of Whatsapp

• You can block audio, video and voice chats for the specific person and I guess that’s the best feature that GbWhatsapp has

• GIF messages can be sent without converting the images to gifs first

• You can now enjoy selfie flash camera which is enabled in GbWhatsapp features, and now you can get better pictures at night as well

• You can ban and block any account easily through WB Whatsapp

• You can now write the group name of more than 35 characters which was previously limited to only 30 characters

• You can send your broadcast message or link to 600 people at once, and your account will not be banned

• You can now hide double tick from your Whatsapp account and can only single active click even when you read the message

• You can now avail thousands of Whatsapp owned themes, and each theme has its feature

• You can download the items from the server and if you want to download other things related to background colors, themes, ringtone then all the facilities are available there as well

• You can preview the image without downloading it and can watch the video without downloading it as well

• You can enjoy auto-reply feature which enables you to send the message to the person even when you’re driving, sleeping, eating and doing some other things

• You can customize screen size, notifications, popup chats, widgets, etc. by using GbWhatsapp

• You can now enjoy video and pictures effect, and all the results are 100% premium but for free

• You can enjoy a feature which shows you online all 24 hours, and if you’re running a business then this feature can give you a lot of advantages

There are many hidden features which are about to launch in a month or two with the latest update of GbWhatsapp, and till then you can enjoy the features mentioned above with love. Cheers!