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Best iPhone Data Recovery Software for Windows

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Everything I store, my personal data, professional data, important documents, etc is either on my desktop PC or on my iPhone. I am pretty sure most of you reading this does the same. This lets me access them in an instant whenever wherever I want. This provides great accessibility but one wrong touch or click can delete that important data. Similarly, a virus or malware can corrupt those files. Prevention is better than cure but what if you were unable to prevent, Joyoshare has a solution for you. Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery software comes for Windows and allows you to restore your deleted files. It can recover data such as pictures, videos, SMS, contacts, calendar, safari bookmarks and browsing data, and many other files.

Recovering deleted data can be very hard and going to a data specialist can be expensive. But using this tool you can recover your files in an instant. Joyoshare Data Recovery software can be used in more than 20 scenarios like invalid iOS update, factory reset, jailbreak, water damage, virus or malware attack, broken screen, lost password, etc.

Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery Software

  • Recover data and files from different scenarios

Unlike other software, it allows you to recover your data which got deleted or corrupted in these kinds of various scenarios:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Virus or Malware attack
  • Broken screen or device
  • Factory reset
  • Invalid iOS update
  • Jailbreak
  • Lost password

This makes it the number one choice and most of the alternatives out there can only be retrieved deleted files from one or two cases only. But with Joyoshare software, you can do all kind of recoveries at one place.

  • Recover almost any kind of data or file

joyoshare data recovery

You might be searching for a deleted media file, important document, etc. this software can recover all kinds. This feature helps you in getting whichever kind of file you lost from your iPhone. It supports messages (and attachments), voicemail, photos and videos (app’s photos and videos), notes, calls log, contacts, calendar, reminders, WhatsApp messages, Safari’s bookmark and many more. When you download the trial version, you’ll get this feature exclusively. It also has real-time decryption & preview feature which enables them to preview the media file even before restoring it.

  • Fast and Flexible Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery tool uses special techniques which decrypts the data and recovers it seamlessly. You can select which part you want to restore from the whole chunk deleted or corrupt data. It has the highest recovery rate with the highest success, whether the backup is present or not. It provides different recovery modes:

  • Recover lost data from iOS device
  • iTunes and iCloud backup recovery
  • Compatibility and other features

You can use this software with all devices running iOS. iPhone 4, 5 to the latest iPhone 8, iPhone X all models are supported by Joyoshare’s software. It also supports recovery from iPads and iPods. You can use the same software for all your Apple devices.

Easy to use, you can get started in just 3 steps, connect your iOS device to a Windows PC, run the software. Now you can scan and preview the recoverable files. Select the files you want to keep and finish. This process takes only a few seconds and you don’t have to deal with promotion and ads.

If you are an Apple freak you must definitely buy this software. Before buying you can definitely download and try the trial version which showcases all these amazing features for free. Joyoshare offers lifelong upgrades, so you just have to purchase once and you’ll get all the future features and updates for free.

Final Verdict

Smartphones are delicate and your data can get easily compromised. A recovery software helps you in getting your data back in the original form. Though there are various recovery tools, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery tool provides the best features and it’s free to try. Other iPhone recovery tools come only for Mac and they are paid, but this is available on Windows too and it offers a free trial before you buy it. This is why I recommend you to give it a try if you are suffering from deleted data.

I personally think it is a great software. Tell us what do you think, have you used this software? and what are the other alternatives? Thank you for reading.