Best Ways to Watch TV Shows Online for Free

In this article, we will be talking about the seven best ways through which you can watch a TV show online for free, and so much more

There are many options for watching online TV shows. And these applications and websites not only allow to watch free online tv shows but they also allow to stream live events.

So if you use these applications, then you would be able to see Online TV shows, Live Events, and even movies.

Let us look at the top 7 best applications and website to watch online tv shows.


This is one of the most used paid applications. Hulu allows users to create up to six user profiles. It also gives access to the HULU Live Tv Plan.

The best part is that the episodes are available on the next day they get aired.


Netflix is one of the most growing online tv shows and movie streaming applications. The best part about Netflix is that it has exclusive online tv shows. This is one of the highest rated and the most downloaded application in the globe.

It also allows you to download shows offline and then watch. You can also download Showbox for these apps to enjoy their premium version for free via

Sling TV

It allows for country-specific packages. So people from different countries can choose the package accordingly. It is one of the topmost movie streaming sites on the internet.

The only downer about this application is that it does not allows the offline downloading of the tv show of the movie.


It is one of the fastest growing online tv show and movie streaming application. It is relatively available at a low price compared to Netflix. This app specifically operates only in India and not any other country abroad.

Hotstar is the perfect choice for watching sports live especially if you belong to India.

Amazon Prime Video

It is one of the amazon’s sub-product. It also allows watching online tv shows. You can watch online tv shows and can stream movies by taking up any of the amazon prime video’s subscription.

Here you can create multiple accounts for the same subscription. This application is available everywhere in the world.


HBO Now is one of the oldest in this business. It has a large collection of online tv shows and movies.

The best part about HBO Now is that you can watch your shows in virtual reality using the HBO Now VR app. It is a tv channel and also has its application the internet. It already has about a million downloads across the two mentioned PlayStore.

Philo TV

Philo Tv allows users to watch three devices at once.

It is also an excellent option for online tv shows and movies. The only downer about Philo TV is that it doesn’t have support for live sports.

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