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Business Hiring 101: Six Things to Consider When Hiring an Accountant

Hiring the right accountant can help save your company money and set up your business for financial success in the future. Hiring the wrong person can have a devastating impact on your company’s finances. You want to make sure you are choosing the right person for the job. Consider these six factors when looking for the best accountant for your business.

Are They An Effective Communicator?

Tax laws and other accounting concepts can be complicated, which is why you’re hiring an accountant to deal with them for you. You need someone who can expertly take care of your accounting matters but also can discuss them with you and other employees in simple terms.

Communications from your accountant should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. This is important in verbal discussions and written correspondence such as emails and reports. There should not be any misunderstandings in exchanges regarding your important financial information.

Can They Think Creatively?

Accountants are normally considered to be analytical, but it helps if they can also think creatively. You should hire an accountant who can develop new and innovative ways to help save you money and grow your business. An accountant focused recruiter can help you find that person who will think creatively to make smart business decisions and solve any financial problems that your company encounters. Accounting data can be complex. Having someone who can look at the data in a fresh and creative way will be an advantage for both problems solving and business planning.

Are They Ethical?

Ethics are an important consideration when hiring an accountant. You want a person who is doing the best to save you money and increase your revenue and profit, but you want them doing it ethically to protect your business. You do not want someone who is willing to risk the future of your business to save or make a little more money now. You need to be able to trust your account to help you grow your business the right way.

Do They Understand Business?

When looking for an accountant, you should look for a person who understands business concepts beyond basic accounting. Any accountant can help with your taxes and financial statements. If you hire someone who also has an overall knowledge of business, you’ll have a valuable asset who can help you plan for the future and expand your business.

You’ll also want to hire a person who understands or can learn about your specific industry. There might be tax laws or regulations that are particular to your type of business. It is also helpful if an accountant is familiar with trends and issues that are industry-specific when it comes to planning for the future.

Are They Detail Oriented?

Accountants work with large amounts of numerical data. If there are any mistakes or inconsistencies in that data, your accountant needs to identify them. You want to be confident that the numbers you are reporting and using to make business decisions are accurate and reliable.

Paying attention to details also matters when looking at and analyzing every piece of available data to help make the best financial decisions for the company.

Are They Technologically Savvy?

Accounting software is always advancing, and your accountant should be able to keep up. You want to take advantage of the best technology to track your financial information and efficiently run your business. If you hire someone who knows the latest technology, you can make sure your accounting processes are streamlined to save you time and money.

Hiring the right accountant for your business should be about a lot more than correctly filing your taxes. If you know what to look for, you can hire someone who will be a great asset to your company’s future.