Can Vaping Help You Lose Weight?

If you have ever tried to quit smoking, you may feel that one of the things holding you back is the ten pounds you suddenly gain. Don’t feel bad, it happens to more people than you know. The issue is that nicotine acts as an inhibitor in several areas. The next question is, could vaping help you lose weight while you quit smoking? The resounding answer is YES! Here is why.

Unfortunately, nicotine blocks cravings, which when you quit smoking hits you in two ways. The first is that you will suddenly feel those cravings for sweets. The second being a lack of routine, which leads to boredom, which leads to overeating. Vaping can help combat these two factors very effectively by replacing the smoking habit with a similar motion that should help alleviate boredom. Remember, vaping may not have as much nicotine so cravings may still occur.

On the other hand, many brands of juice like 13th Floor Elevapors exist to knock out those sweet cravings. Plus, the juice can be mixed with nicotine to help curb those cravings as you decrease your habit. Vapes are known for a huge selection of dessert flavors to kick any sweet tooth. If you need a freshly baked apple pie? It’s out there. Want to bite into a sour gummy worm, guess what it exists. No matter what flavor you want to find, it probably already exists on the market.

One of the biggest reasons that people gain weight when quitting is no change in lifestyle but eating extra calories. The best part of the switching to vaping is that your lungs will appreciate the difference. As your body heals from the chemicals in smoking, it will be easier to breathe, which gives you the freedom to exercise without hacking up a lung. This extra activity goes a long way to losing weight. While it is not a direct form of weight loss, it does help in the long run.

If you are wanting some more solid proof in the pudding, studies show that olfactory stimulation can reduce appetite. Since vaping is essentially just flavor and nicotine, this goes a long way to knocking down the hunger cravings and keeping you from mindless snacking or calories. Of course, it does not help destroy your appetite completely, so if you are feeling hungry try a small snack and a hit on your vape. Give it a few minutes and see if it keeps the hunger pains at bay.

Any way you cut it, when you quit smoking most people experience weight gain. If you take the step down approach with vaping, then it can help you keep the weight off while your body weans off the nicotine. Even if you keep the vaping up, the effects of nicotine and the appetite suppressant will still help you lose the weight. Plus you will be able to be healthier and get out there and do activities smoking may have kept you from enjoying.