chrome extensions for business

The 7 Best Chrome Extensions for Small Business

chrome extensions for business

Are you trying to excel through technology for your small business? Regardless of whether with computerization programs, small business technology apps or small business tools. A business owner who stays up to date with the new technology tools are making their business better and lives easier.

Nowadays all small business owners should know what are the tools available to them for their advantage are and how to use these tools. One of the ways to find tools available for your advantage is to use the Chrome extension. A small business owner can enhance their productivity and browsing experience by using Chrome extension.

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The Chrome Extension is full of tools with a variety of features that help in managing tasks online in the easiest way. Chrome Extension provides you with an extension for scheduling, accounting, passwords and many more. And with so many Chrome Extensions it is quite easier to get confused what to install and what not to be. But here are we to make it easier for you with the seven best Chrome Extensions that every small business owner need.

AdBlocker Ultimate

As the name says by itself, an AdBlocker enables users to eliminate ads on browsers and sites. Which allows the user to freely browse without distraction, interference or tracking. Adblocker additionally block domains that are doubtful or known malware.


TeamPassword is used to manage passwords in small business. TeamPassword furnishes with shared login and logouts to keep everybody dynamic with access support of whenever. This is said to be the most used software in the list.

Nervatura Touch

Nervatura Touch handles your all business’s info and data. Contact details, delivery, and stock data, as well as payments, are sorted in a platform making them simple to browse, manage, and alter.


The simplest extension that deals with your buy orders, including making requests and afterward evaluating and endorsing payments. RubberStamp is an independent arrangement and keep up its own record keeping.

ConvergeHub Lead Generator

ConvergeHub creates leads from social sites. ConvergeHub catches contacts from the web-based social networking destinations like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and from many more. For easy prospecting, you can likewise include them into your database with a single click. And as everyone knows social websites are the best platform to generate leads and extend your business.

SurfEasy VPN

The SurfEasy extension furnishes you with the most ideal approach to use WiFi hotspots. SurfEasy ensures your online privacy and browses history without uncovering your IP Address. SurfEasy keeps sites from following your performance.  This is said to be the highest rated software in the list.


Plann3r plans your schedule meetings and make them easier.  Plann3r extension is restricted to Gmail users only and works by including an icon into your Gmail tool bar. When you click on the link it will blend everyone’s calendars, check accessibility and schedule a meeting.

Final Words

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