8 Most Common Mistakes When Building Your First Gaming Computer

8 Most Common Mistakes When Building Your First Gaming Computer

8 Most Common Mistakes When Building Your First Gaming Computer

Thinking of building your own gaming computer? That’s a great idea! You can actually build a gaming PC in your budget, add the appropriate accessories, and have a fantastic gaming experience!

Building your own gaming computer might not be rocket science, but it is no cakewalk either. And whether you are a newbie or already have experience with the latest in computers, you are not immune to mistakes entirely. While most mistakes made while setting up a gaming computer can be corrected quickly, a few mistakes can take time to rectify.

So, here are the 8 most common mistakes one might make while building their first gaming computer.

Not using compatible hardware

You’d think that buying compatible hardware while building a computer is something that should be taken for granted. However, it is fairly common for amateurs to buy the wrong hardware. Sometimes, the CPU is not compatible with the motherboard; sometimes, the graphics card is too long for the case. There could be other mismatches which then make it difficult for you to assemble the computer correctly.

Ensure that you plan the assembly ahead and only buy components that you are sure are compatible with each other.

Buying cheap components to save money

Saving money is good. However, compromising on quality is not. Optimizing the components so that you can get the most out of the assembled computer is something you should totally go for. But if you are buying components from unknown brands with questionable quality standards, you are ultimately going to regret it.

Going only with brands with an established reputation can save you a lot of trouble down the line.

Getting the wrong graphics card

Making sure you have the correct graphics card to go with your computer monitor is very important. But it is a common mistake to go for a very powerful graphics card while the monitor is low-end. Another mistake is to buy a low-end graphics card to save some money and pair it with a monitor with a high refresh rate. In both cases, your gaming experience will be impacted negatively.

While a powerful graphics card will elevate the gaming experience, go with one that is compatible with other components such as the storage and the monitor.

Not having the right internet connection

If you have taken care of everything, but the internet connection you use is lousy, it’s all in vain. Having a strong, high-speed internet connection and the right Wi-Fi routers for gaming is as important as getting the other components right.

Not having a motherboard speaker

First of all, a motherboard speaker is super helpful if you are building a gaming computer for the first time. Whenever there is a problem in the build, a motherboard speaker will beep in a sequence. You can look up the sequence in the manual of the motherboard and identify the problem. While many cases come with a motherboard speaker, some might not. So, if the case you buy does not have one, it makes sense to get a separate speaker.

Not fitting the components correctly

Another common mistake that first-time builders make is not fitting the components correctly. This is because they are not aware of how much pressure to apply while connecting things together, resulting in components that are not properly seated. Not fixing the RAM into the slot correctly or not connecting the cables securely, are common mistakes. Usually, a clicking sound will tell you that the component has been fixed correctly.

Plugging the monitor into the motherboard (and not the graphics card)

Many first-time builders make this common mistake. The problem is that when you make this mistake, it is difficult to figure out what the problem is because the assembled computer boots normally, but there is no signal on the monitor. And you could be racking your brains trying to figure out what went wrong! Make sure you plug the monitor into the graphics card, not the motherboard.

Not plugging in the CPU cooler

The connection of the CPU cooler is near the CPU socket. It is easy to miss, even though it is marked on the motherboard, usually. If you still cannot figure out where it is, you can always check the manual of the motherboard and figure it out. Also, a CPU cooler is very important for your computer.

So, these are some of the common mistakes that you can make if you are trying to build your gaming PC for the first time ever. If you do make these mistakes, don’t worry! We’ve all been there. Take them in your stride as a learning experience. Building your own gaming PC can be expensive, but it need not be exorbitant. By choosing the components with the correct configuration, you can have your gaming PC built at an optimal cost.