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Guns and Gadgets: The Coolest Tech You Can Buy for an AR-15 Rifle

Ah, guns and gadgets. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you own one of the estimated 16 million AR-15s that are in civilian hands, then you’re in luck.

These firearms are, by design, easy to modify. The reason behind this is that the AR-15 is almost identical to the M16 series of rifles used by the military. As military rifles, these need to be adaptable to any number of situations.

A huge range of kit has been created to allow our men and women in uniform to be prepared to face any threat. All of this gear and gadgetry? It will fit on an AR-15 just fine too.

Whatever kind of kit you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find something that can fit the AR rifle. This means that you can make your gun truly yours.

While some modifications like extended magazines and bump stocks have come under fire from legislators recently, there’s a lot of gear you can still buy. When you’re ready to find out the latest attachments that the guns and gadgets industry have put out, read on!

1. Muzzle Brake

If you want to improve the accuracy of your shooting, you need to get an AR-15 muzzle brake. What does a muzzle brake do? It decreases the recoil that your gun produces.

You fit the muzzle brake to your barrel and it then diverts the gases that are ejected from firing a round. Instead of forcing the barrel upwards, the gases are vented upwards, forcing your barrel down and counteracting the effects of recoil.

What makes this an essential bit of guns and gadgets equipment is that it can make your accuracy a lot better. Not only because of how it vents gases. The weight of the muzzle brake also adds a bit of heft to your barrel, making it harder for recoil to lift it.

Add a muzzle brake to your AR and take it to the range. We bet that you’ll notice the difference.

2. Tritium Sights

Do you often shoot at night? Then you’re going to need to get some tritium iron sights. You’ll find these on some high-end guns and they are a game-changer.

They’re sights that have a natural glow from the element tritium, and so don’t require any battery. All that you need to do is attach them to your AR-15 and you’ll be able to shoot with better accuracy in low-light conditions.

Sometimes low-light conditions are a necessity. For example, if you attach a flashlight to your AR-15, you may not be able to get the drop on home invaders or that deer in the woods. With tritium sights, you have a passive night sight system that lets you stay hidden.

3. Polymer Mags

If you’re not using polymer mags on your AR-15 in 2020, you’re doing something wrong. Adding polymer mags to your rifle means that it will load more reliably every single time.

You should stop thinking of polymer as being inferior to metal. It’s not: these mags are tough, strong, and well worth your time. Some models also come with windows to allow you to quickly get a look at your remaining ammo count.

If you want reliability, you need polymer mags on your gun.

4. A Red Dot Sight and An ACOG Sight

We’ve shown you how to improve your iron sights. We love iron sights here, and we’re in some pretty great company, but unless you’re fighting in a war and need stealth, there are times when you need a sight.

The two best options out there are a Red Dot and an ACOG. For short-to-medium range, a red dot sight is a fantastic option. It offers better accuracy than using the iron sights at this range and is quicker to use.

If you want a sight that you can take out hunting at medium range, then you need to get an ACOG. This sight has been in use since 1987 and reigns supreme when it comes to medium-range optics. It’s easy to use and attach and isn’t too expensive, either.

5. An Aftermarket Pistol Grip

Adding a pistol grip to your AR-15 makes shooting it a much more pleasant experience. These little additions can make the world of difference to your accuracy and your comfort.

So what do you need to look for in an AR-15 pistol grip? Most importantly, you should look for one that reduces grip angle. If you reduce the grip angle on your firearm, your hand and fingers will be in a more natural position, allowing for easier shooting.

That’s not to say that the AR-15’s stock grip isn’t any good. It is, but a new grip can help to make your experience even better. It shouldn’t cost you any more than $20 for a new grip either.

6. A Two-Point Sling

You need a sling for your rifle. This isn’t just for ease of open carry, either. A two-point sling attaches securely to your gun and is used by military operators for good reason.

No matter what situation you’re using your AR-15 in, you’re not going to drop it when you’re using a sling. In the heat of a home defense situation, the last thing you want is for the gun to tumble out of your hands. A sling eliminates this worry.

You should invest in a sling that has some padding on the strap. If it’s not padded, it can cut into your shoulders with long-time use. You should also find one that is low-profile and isn’t going to mess with the rest of your tactical rig.

If you’re looking for the best strap to improve your guns and gadgets gear, then you’ll need one that you can adjust quickly. If you need to tighten it in a critical situation, this shouldn’t be an involved process.

7. A Flashlight

An under-barrel flashlight can help you a lot in a tactical situation. It may reveal your position, but it can give you a better chance of taking down the bad guys. There are a lot of cheap flashlights available, but we’d recommend investing in one that is made by a quality company.

If you want a tactical attachment that can give you the edge, you should look for a flashlight that can strobe. Strobe flashlights can disorientate attackers or home invaders, giving you the edge in combat.

As the market is so flooded with flashlight attachments, it can be hard to find the best one for you. We’d recommend looking at online reviews before you commit to a specific brand.

8. An Aftermarket Trigger

There are a lot of different triggers out there, but why should you buy one? The truth is, the AR-15 trigger offers a fantastic balance of reliability and ease of use. If you have an AR-15 for home defense, keep the stock trigger on there.

Yet if you want something with a bit of an easier pull, i.e. for competitive shooting, we’d recommend investing in an aftermarket trigger. For instance, a two-stage trigger has a heavier pull than the stock trigger or a hair-trigger.

This means that you have more time to stabilize your aim during a competitive shoot. A lighter trigger, conversely, gives you an easier pull and may make for a better shooting experience if you just want to blast away at some targets.

9. A Laser Sight

If optics aren’t for you, then you need a laser sight. These can be attached to your gun and zeroed with ease.

When fitted, they give you a small dot of light that shows exactly where your gun is pointed. They’re particularly good at closer ranges. They’re used by SWAT teams and the military for this exact reason.

If you’re looking for a laser sight that can be used at a longer distance, we’d recommend buying a green laser sight. These are easier to see at longer ranges and are perfect for more experienced shooters.

10. A Collapsible Stock

While aftermarket stocks are a hallmark of the “guns and gadgets” market, we like collapsible stocks the most. These can be adjusted for a shooter’s height and arm length with ease.

They offer more accurate shooting, greater comfort, and are lighter than fixed stocks. If you share your AR-15 with another shooter, who has a different body type to you, a collapsible stock will be worth its weight in gold.

They’re perfect for shared weapons and ones where the stability boost of a fixed stock doesn’t matter.

Guns and Gadgets and You

The world of guns and gadgets can be a bit confusing, but you should let your imagination run wild! The joy of the AR-15 is its modular design that means you can make your gun exactly how you like it.

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