Cost to Repair the Head Gasket

Before considering the head gasket repair cost, you need to understand the meaning of this car’s part. So here we have some information about the head gasket.

What is a Head gasket?

This part located between the engine block and cylinder head. This component work to seal the internal combustion process that allows coolness and helps the oil to travel throughout the engine. It helps the vehicle to produce enough capacity to move forward. There are different types of head gasket that you will find in your car.

  • Multi-layer steel (MLS): multi-layer steel gaskets produce the most modern head engines. This layer consists of two to five thin layers of steel. Contacted faces are coated with a rubber-like Viton. This layer also has elastic compounds. The combination of such layers and compounds gives amazing durability and ability.
  • Copper: this head gasket was the popular choice of the gasket. This gasket is highly durable as copper is softer as compared to any ordinary steel or aluminium. So many companies produce copper gasket with integral sealing wires, as they are extremely durable.
  • Composite: it’s an older technology. If your car is old, then you have a composite head gasket. This gasket is highly durable as it is made of graphite or asbestos. They are falling out of popularity for multiple reasons.

Causes a head gasket to blow

If you have a question on what are the causes of the head gasket to blow, then it’s probably for one of two reasons that you have a blown head gasket in your vehicle. The first and common possibility of a blown head gasket can be a high engine temperature. High temperatures can damage a head gasket. The second cause can be the lack of coolant level. A damaged head gasket can leak coolant. It’s very important to check your pools of coolant. The reason why your vehicle is not running in a good way can be the cause of the head gasket blow. Discoloured oil is one of the causes of gasket blow.

Cost to replace a head gasket

The average cost of replacing a head gasket is around $1,400 – $1,600. But this amount could go high as $2,500. This process will take up a lot of time, and renewing takes even more time. The most important reason is the labour cost, that’s why replacing a head gasket is costly. This reason involves the high cost of head gasket repair. The amount of labour cost takes you in such amounts. The cost of a replacement part is also high. Replacing your head gasket is a time-consuming task. The engine has to be removed and then replaced. The cost of head gasket replacement can run into the thousands. It’s easy and cheap to buy the vehicle than to replace or repair it. Replacing a part of your vehicle isn’t easy because the parts are expensive. In order to repair the blown gasket, you have disassembled the motor completely. Replacing and repairing an engine with a blown head gasket is costly, and you need to remember if you have V6, V8, V12 or boxer type engine then it is double the work because there are two cylinders heads in it.