Data Governance in Healthcare

For many years, personal data of patients was regulated by a set of rules that could not provide full data protection.

For many years, personal data of patients was regulated by a set of rules that could not provide full data protection. Considering the high value of comprehensive privacy protection and data security, improvements were certainly needed. Individuals should not worry about entrusting their personal healthcare info to professionals for high-quality clinical or ambulatory treatment.

Today, there are plenty of software solutions allowing simplifying the work of hospitals and private clinics, but in order to avoid problems and gain patients’ trust, they should be developed based on the latest changes in data governance rules. Find out more helpful information on this topic in this article.

Are Information Governance and Data Governance the Same Thing?

These two terms are often used interchangeably but it is not correct. So, what is the difference between data governance and information governance in healthcare?

Both of them are parts of RIM, which means record and information management. At the same time, information governance is associated with how it is used by the organization while data governance is ensured by IT during its storage or transfer. The two things require specialists with different backgrounds.

Data Privacy Rules in the USA

Thanks to new data privacy laws, such as the California consumer privacy act (CCPA), all the previous gaps in data privacy legislation were covered. The current rules are applied to enterprises of any industry. CCPA for the healthcare field is not only about patients, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff. It also applies to databases of any organizations handling personal data, ensuring the comprehensive safety of information. Not complying with the current rules and regulations may turn into big trouble for a healthcare organization.

Software Developments for Healthcare Industries

The importance of data quality in healthcare is crucial. At the same time, data governance in healthcare is also extremely important. When it comes to the development of software products for healthcare industries, it is essential to deal with an IT company that knows data governance best practices in healthcare.

When working on analytical and visualization tasks, reliable providers of development services like always take into account the latest changes in the legislation. They are capable of developing the best software solutions, ensuring data integrity and its full protection.