Did you love Legend of Zelda? You will love World of Mazes

If you have an Oculus Go or Rift and are looking for an adventure game that you can really sink your teeth into then you cannot go wrong with the fantastic World of Mazes. Currently listed as one of the best games for Oculus Go and Oculus Rift, World of Mazes is a great VR choice for the fans of Legend of Zelda series.

Many people have been wondering when we are going to get a game that has that Legend of Zelda kind of feel to it on VR. Well, World of Mazes is a game that if you enjoy the kind of action, adventure, and puzzles that the Legend of Zelda series offers. World of Mazes is going to be a game that you really do have a fun time with.

The story of World of Mazes is actually quite engaging. Some of the other puzzle and maze games that have been released on VR do not really make much of an effort to have a story linking the puzzles together. World of Mazes is very different in that regard. The story is great and involves a prophecy, a princess and you need to help someone save them both!

It is the story that really grabs you and in all honesty, the story has never been the strong point of the Legend of Zelda series, but if you like that kind of fantasy and adventure, you will really like what World of Mazes is offering. Many people have said that World of Mazes actually has a far better story than it has any right to! One thing that is very Zelda like is the way that you can interact with the NPC characters. These can be quite amusing and they also help to fill in bits of story and let you know more about the area that you are in.

Speaking of areas. World of Mazes has one very Zelda like the thing about it and that is the different levels. Zelda is well known for having certain types of areas. We are talking the forest, dungeons, ice dungeons, rocky caverns, water temples and so on. Well, the people behind the fantastic World of Mazes clearly took a lot of inspiration from the Zelda series and this is most evident in the level design. We are not talking about the mazes themselves, but their overall style.

The way the mazes need to you find different areas, use certain items and speak to other characters are all things that people love about the Legend of Zelda series. The gameplay is not exactly like what you get in a Legend of Zelda game. However, the soul and spirit that World of Mazes has shown that the people who made this game have clearly spent a lot of time in Hyrule field trying to find the best way to save the Princess. If you want a game that has that Legend of Zelda feel to it for your VR device, you are going to struggle to beat the awesome World of Mazes.