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Digital Signature: The New Cool Tool

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How messages and ads are shown and heard has been significantly changed by digital signage. They have resulted in less static and fewer posters as most of the out-of-date traditional signs are increasingly being replaced by electronic displays that are adaptable and even interactive.

Digital signage Australia has been working towards building poster-free, interactive signage boards for ad campaigns and using digital signages strategically to boost sales, customer interaction, and communicate better with clients/potential customers.

In this day and age, where shopping is more technology-oriented, digital content is predominantly used by shoppers when considering making a new purchase. Therefore, investing in digital media to market products and brands has become inescapable.

Here are a few advantages of investing in digital signages.


Digital signages are attention-grabbing and eye-catchy. It guarantees that the public sees the messages. Since they are very customizable, it is easy to reach the target audience by creating engaging, interactive advertisements. For reference, big companies such as Qdoba and Chili’s use impressive digital signages.

Easy to update

Digital signages are easy to control and modify. Incorporating them into literally any environment thus becomes much easier because of this adaptability. However, it depends upon the types of services and skills that are opted for by the company.

If a company wants the graphics to be changed and the signages to be updated frequently, then the setup would cost a tad bit. Yet, spending a bit on this setup ensures that they can be easily changed, especially during holidays or peak shopping times or when a company wants to promote a product or advertise flash sales.

Implementing an AI element that would showcase the most sold items on these signages or items that need a boost in sales also becomes possible when one digitalizes signages. In Australia, around 25% of retail companies use this tool.


Digital signages provide the opportunity to generate additional revenue. Since Australia has seen a steady increase in enterprising business in the past few years, this is an excellent opportunity to implement them.

After installing the sign and system, restaurateurs or retailers have the chance of generating income by renting out their advertising spaces to companies or other brands.

Thus, it will help elevate services, raise awareness of the said brand, and increase customer numbers, ultimately boosting sales. Additionally, digital marketing is always said to be a cost-effective option because it reduces the amount of money spent on printing messages.

This method is considered a more traditional way of campaigning but is relatively ineffective as materials often get discarded once the promotion period ends.

Increase both in-person and online sales

There is no turning back once we have adequately harnessed the power of digital signage in Australia. It enhances the customer experience and increases store revenue by marketing the brand effectively.

It makes people explore the brand by looking it up either on social media or on the internet, boosting online sales. A study found that 68% of the Australian customers would get influenced by ads they see on these signages.

Having a social media presence benefits the brand and its products as it creates a feeling of community amongst the customers. It enables the brand to generate more target-oriented programs such as loyalty programs or flash sales.

It also allows the brand to create more target-oriented programs, partner up with other brands, or get sponsored by big, reputed companies.

Apart from these advantages, digital signages also increase the impulse buying rate by marketing products creatively and enticingly, making customers want to purchase a product. They are super useful when used right!