Do Games Interfere with your Relationship?


Ever since the discovery of the brick breaker and the pinballs, games have come a long way to become fascinating and thrilling. Modern video games give us the excitement of something surreal and the sense of adventure, being quite exceptional and intoxicating. It is an open secret that they mostly attract boys rather than girls. Why boys? Well, that’s a question that even an evil genius would have problems to answer.

Why are video games so popular today?

Games have gone through the development over the years, and while gaming comes with benefits such as improved reflexes, analytical skills, hand-eye coordination and so on, they always seem quite impossible to put down once picked up. Games come in all forms and genres with each appealing to a particular audience. It just seems amazing to behold the stunning graphics, exquisite storylines, and adrenaline surge that come with playing.

What’s wrong with playing too much?

Gaming with all its unparalleled awesomeness can also have negative repercussions on you and the relationship you have with those close to you. Due to this, people often relate gaming to being unserious, juvenile, or immature. Well, you can say that’s their problem, but really, there has to be a reason behind such a conclusion.

Some might say it’s because they feel gaming isn’t reproductive for an adult to engage in, and it is a waste of time. But if a person does it in free time, then that’s not exactly true. So if productivity isn’t the reason, then what is? Well, if you find yourself in a relationship, then the obvious answer would be that your spouse probably feels cheated.

Surprised right? Well, no need to be. Women can feel emotionally threatened by games due to the emotional attachment you have to such. Well, women feel they should be your priority and with gaming being something often carried out and focused on during several hours of the day should be all the indication you need to know why they would feel threatened and dislike you engaging in virtual reality.

Well, the thought of “I just wanna play video games without any negative consequence” probably just crossed your mind. You are lucky if you can find the balance between gaming and maintaining a sound relationship. So how to continue playing and stay in the relationship?


Let her know who you are

First and foremost, it is essential to inform your girl beforehand on what she’s getting into. Most players don’t necessarily do this, thereby leaving their spouse or partner in the dark when they figure it out later on. It is essential to let her know that you need to have your time for playing as soon as you start dating. As the beginning of a relationship is one of the most crucial moments – don’t start it with a lie. By informing her, she would know what she’s getting into and prepare ahead accordingly if she’s willing to.

If you meet someone via one of the best free dating sites, this should also apply accordingly with you informing them likewise. It can be a little tricky to express yourself via a Webcam fully, but it is essential to give it your all to prepare her for meeting you live and wrapping her mind around your love to games. If you don’t have a girlfriend and look for someone who will share your love of virtual reality, then these best sex cams (TOP 5+) would be a great place to find the right one. Regardless of where you meet her, whether through cam or in person, you have to do well to let her in on your interests.

Entice her into taking part

Secondly, informing her about your gaming isn’t all you need to do, though, you also need to try to get her into it. Yes, you read that right, “get into gaming.” This might seem tricky, but if there’s the possibility she can be interested in gaming, why wouldn’t you take it? You can at least try and hope for positive results.

If she becomes interested in gaming, then you have a gem on your hands, as nothing beats a gamer relationship between couples. You can both go for tournaments, video game dating, and become a great team in battle arenas, the boundaries would be limitless as you’ll both have that much-needed bond.

Well getting there can be a little difficult if she’s the one who dislikes even video games for couples, but regardless, you should make an effort. There are apps designed for couples to help you on this journey, some of them are workout inclined, so the more common dance apps can be great for a start.


She comes first

Thirdly, you have to know when it’s time to take care of her, after the gaming and life in general, you must remember you are a couple, and she is a girl who needs emotions. Affection, love, sex, ring a bell? Well, to put it plainly, you need to want her. You can’t be playing games when she wants you or when you both are in an intimate mood. Sometimes you just need to forget about all those cams, computers and X-boxes. Everything has a limit and no matter what level you are about to pass or what high score you are about to beat, it is important that you note that she comes before games so you should have boundaries.

You can set some of them to no gaming in the room or when on dates for a start and build up from there. Women, no matter how much they are willing to go with your needs, still have needs of their own, sometimes not sharing your opinion.


In conclusion, gaming can add to the overall health of your relationships if taken with precaution. It would be a great choice to consider getting your spouse involved in gaming. Otherwise, consider setting boundaries. Your virtual world shouldn’t replace your loved ones.