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Dota 2 Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know

dota 2

Even the biggest Dota 2 fans must have things that they haven’t heard of regarding the game. You can’t always know all of it, but it’s always nice to learn more. There’s a lot to Dota 2 aside from its complexity, and if you’re curious, you certainly need to find out more about the game.

As we know how much the game means to you, here are some interesting facts that you probably had no idea about.

The International is the Biggest Tournament

If you’re not new in the world of Dota 2, then you must know about The International. Everyone is talking about it because people are excited to see some of the best teams going for the big prize. Well, you should know that it is, in fact, the biggest Dota 2 tournament in the world.

It is so popular that the prize pool keeps increasing with each passing year. It has one of the biggest prize pools in eSports, so it’s a nice tournament to look forward to.

Faceless Void Cannot Get Chrono-ed

If you are trying to steal the best chrono after timing your position with Rubick, then you should know that Faceless void can’t get chrono-ed. If you want to use your stolen Chrono, it will have to be used on different enemies.

A Hero Named Carl Exists

Valve wanted to take it to the next level and add a hero named Carl. Known as the Invoker, this hero is known for being very arrogant and having a proud backstory. Valve doesn’t lack humor, which is why they gave him the name that he has. Basically, the name was intended to be Kael, a throwback to his origins in Warcraft 3. But for some reason, in one of the Chinese patch notes, the name got misinterpreted as Carl by Google Translate, and the fans didn’t hesitate to make fun of it.

Because it was such a funny situation, the developer made it real.

KuroKy – The First to Have 1,000 Wins

Winning in a game is amazing, but it was even better for KuroKy when he was able to become the first Dota 2 player to reach the wonderful number of 1,000 wins. Furthermore, he is known as the player who earned the most in Dota 2 and eSports in general. Add that to the fact that he also has the most unique heroes played in pro games as well.

The Game Started Being Developed in 2005

The game has roots ever since 2005 when someone known as “IceFrog” started developing it. But the most intriguing fact is that there isn’t too much information available about him. One of the very few things known is that he was born wither in 1983 or 1984.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the interesting facts that we collected for you. Hopefully, they were able to boost your love for the game as we intended. But what could also make your love for it to grow is betting on, so don’t hesitate to bet there while you try to play the game?