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Everyone loves to watch the newest movies without having to leave their home, or binge-watch the complete season of their favorite TV show without having to wait for each episode to air on television, with the season taking months to complete. There are a variety of streaming services available, but even those only update after the show has aired, and the movies rarely make it on to Netflix or Hulu in the first half-year of being released. There are loads of streaming services, but the websites are usually clogged with advertisements, and the applications are usually just for Android and iOS devices, and watching movies on those tiny screens just isn’t as fun.

Today, we have the answer to your streaming problems. We will show you the method to download and install ShowBox, a streaming service that provides users with updated content weekly, with the latest TV shows and movies constantly being added to the long list the application already has to offer. While the application is an APK, and is only compatible with Android devices, just like so many APKs, it is also compatible with the Bluestacks emulator, and we will be using the emulator to run this application on your Windows PC. We will show you how to download Bluestacks, and then how to use the emulator to run ShowBox APK on your PC. But before that, let us look at what ShowBox is, and some of its features.

ShowBox, What Is It?

showbox for pc

ShowBox provides you with a variety of movies and TV shows across all genres and has hundreds of choices for the user to pick from and watch. You can also sort the movies and TV shows according to the genre, search for your favorite actors and also just browse through recommended TV shows and movies based on your previously watched shows. Before we show you the method to download ShowBox for your PC, have a look at the features ShowBox provides you with –

  • TV shows and Movies can be sorted according to your preferred genre.
  • The app tends to load faster than most other streaming services available.
  • Advertisements do pop up while browsing the menu, but do not interrupt the streaming service.
  • The app offers a huge collection of movies and TV shows that is updated with the newest content daily.
  • The app allows you to download your favorite movies and TV shows to your Windows PC.
  • ShowBox has a very simple user interface, hence making it easy to use for everyone.
  • It offers a unique feature that lets you filter content, so as to filter out any adult content, hence allowing parents to monitor what their children can watch, and what they can’t.

How To Download and Install ShowBox To Your Windows PC

showbox for pc

  • We will need an emulator to run ShowBox on your Windows PC, so first download Bluestacks
  • Once you’ve downloaded Bluestacks, follow the on-screen wizard and install it to your Windows PC. Set up your Google account just like you do on any Android device, and now proceed to the next step.
  • Now download ShowBox APK from the link provided below. Once downloaded to your PC, find the download through Bluestacks on your PC and run it, this will automatically install ShowBox to your PC through the Bluestacks emulator.
  • One the installation procedure is complete, you can find the ShowBox icon in the Bluestacks emulator.
  • Open the application and after accepting the terms and conditions, you can dive into the world of your favorite movies and TV shows.

How to Use ShowBox APK without Bluestacks

  • Download and install a chrome extension called The Arc Welder. If you don’t have google chrome, first download Chrome to your Windows PC.
  • Follow the same steps as above, download ShowBox APK to your Windows PC and run in through The Arc Welder extension in Google Chrome.
  • Choose whether you want to screen full screen or partial, and enjoy using ShowBox APK on your Windows PC.

Troubleshooting Errors Encountered while Installing ShowBox on your Windows PC

download showbox for pc

Not to worry, in order to overcome any error that might come up while installing or using the ShowBox APK, we have the following solutions-

  • To solve any issues with compatibility, delete the ShowBox APK and download an earlier version to your PC. Install this version through Bluestacks and this should resolve any issues with compatibility.
  • To overcome any error you face while installing the app, or while using the app, use one of the methods mentioned below –
  1. Download any VPN app to your Windows PC and connect to a network. Then download ShowBox APK and install it on your PC using the Bluestacks emulator.
  2. Enter app information in the settings of the app and reset the permissions and preferences of the app, and restart the app. This should clear up any errors encountered while trying to use the application on your PC.
  3. Clear data and cache of the app from the application information of the application, or check if any update has become live for the application. If so, download the new ShowBox APK and run the installation, and you should be able to overcome any errors.


While there are many streaming apps out there, ShowBox APK seems to be one of the elite. It has a huge collection of movies and TV shows, and while it does have a few advertisements, that’s a cheap price to pay for a free streaming service that provides you with the latest movies and TV show episodes updated regularly. ShowBox APK guarantees a pleasant viewing experience and ensures smooth streaming and a fun time for everyone, and now with the ability to use it on your Windows PC through the Bluestacks emulator, ShowBox APK is the best streaming application available for Windows PC.

Have any questions? Be sure to reach out to us on any of our sites, or you can leave your queries and comments in the comments section below.