Employing a Strategy Based on Statistics against Slots

When we talk about employing a strategy based on statistics against slots, your first thought might be one of confusion: I thought slot you play today wins were totally random? While that’s true, slots have been around long enough now for us to know a thing or two about some statistics around slots.

Online Slot Machines and your Odds of Winning

The probability you’re going to win with slots is something that’s determined by a random number generator and the number of symbols on each reel in slots. The generator in slots comes into play with whether or not you win, depending on whether it creates a winning combination of symbols or not.

Employing a strategy based on statistics against slots might appear an impossible endeavor, but there are some tricks to help spins work in your favor. For instance, the number of possible combinations can be calculated – just multiply the number of symbols on each reel. So three reel slots? Seven symbols. That means 7x7x7=343. That’s 343 combinations.

Calculating your Odds of Winning with Slots

It’s easy to calculate the odds of winning with slots too. With slots, to calculate your odds of winning just divide the number of winning combinations with the number of combinations that are possible. It’s complicated, however, to come up with a concrete formula to win with slots and get a great return.

Part of why it’s so difficult is because all of these slot calculations don’t really mean anything when the online slot machine odds are what dictates who wins, when. It does make sense wins with slots are determined like this, however. Different winning combinations offer different prizes in slots, and some of the highest are from winning certain puzzles in slots.

A Simple Slots Strategy

When it comes to playing slots, there is one simple slot strategy to always bear in mind. Know the rules, get an idea of what your odds of winning are, and find out the expected slots payout. Be sure to have fun, and make sure you quit slots while you’re ahead.

So if you win, for example, £200, cash out £100 and play the rest. Have an amount of money, and decide if you lose it, you’ll immediately quit the game. By also making sure you play just for the fun of it, any losses with slots won’t be taken too harshly.

Coins to Play Per Spin in Slots

More is sometimes better when you’re choosing the number of coins to play per spin in slots. Max out whatever the online slot machine allows for, rather than playing with singular coins. This way, you can boost your chances of winning a better prize in slots and the value will also be higher than expected.

You could also play one coin at a time until you make some money, and opt-out, when you want to so your money, goes further. How you play slots is of course, up to you, but hopefully the above is helpful when you’re employing a strategy based on statistics around slots.