Features to look for when getting a new Laptop

Features to look for when getting a new Laptop

A lot of people find it very hard to select a new laptop from hundreds of choice present in today’s market, especially the people not working or related to tech. In this article, I’ll be going through some of the things or features an average buyer should look for when getting a new laptop.

Firstly, you need to think about the main purpose of buying such an expensive gadget. Is it programming you want to do, blogging, gaming, just browsing, etc. This will help you assess what kind of hardware and software you should buy. Let’s take a look at some of the top thing to consider.


Central Processing Unit is what drives the core of the system, you need to get the one which suits you the most, based on what you’re looking to do and power consumption.. If you are into video editing, 3D modelling then you should go for i7 series as they are the best for the heavy load. For decent gaming, you can opt for i5 which would be cheaper and you can invest in getting a powerful graphics card. Or if you just want to do some programming, blogging and surfing the internet then you are better off with an i5 or i3 in some cases. Also, take into consideration energy usage of each processor, as not every processor has the same wattage.


RAM is the storage where your OS stores the currently running files. If you are playing a game like older Battlefield or Call of Duty, it might occupy 2-3 GB of RAM. Rendering videos even take more than 4 GB. So you have to make sure that the laptop you are getting isn’t low on Random Access Memory. Google Chrome itself takes 500 MB to 1 GB on normal browsing, so if you are willing to play games like well designed online casino games RPGs, strategy games or even stream videos via browser, it will take even more.


Operating System is what helps a user interact with the machine. If you prior had experience with a system running a certain OS you would probably like to get the same one. Otherwise what you want to do with the laptop largely decides what kind of OS you should get. A gamer would like Windows PC has it is compatible with every latest game, a programmer would prefer Linux for it inbuilt support for different languages and so on.

Build Quality

No matter how good the specifications are if it is not cased and packed with nice material and strong body it will fail to deliver the performance most of the times. So, a laptop with the metallic body would be an ideal choice. Other than the size of laptop really matters here, if you travel a lot you would consider getting a smaller and thin laptop otherwise you can get a 17 inch with advance cooling mechanics.


Features to look for when getting a new Laptop

This is another thing you should look for because a laptop is an expensive device and if you are getting one you should make sure the brand is top notch. A good brand will provide better warranty and support for the times your laptop stops booting or you mistakenly crack the screen. A good customer care according to your area of a resident would also help as you won’t have to courier pack your laptop for repairs.

Other Features

  • Good battery life is essential if you travel a lot.
  • Most laptops these days have enough RAM so that won’t be an issue.
  • High-resolution screens are preferred if you wish to watch movies and play games.
  • Good keyboard and trackpad help with lots of typing.

Now I could go on forever with these features but what I have listed are the most basic and important ones. Yeah, so make a checklist and confirm that your new laptop has all of these features, then you are ready to buy.