Fire Stick Tricks You’ll Use Frequently

People using some of the best streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu need to invest in an Amazon fire TV stick to make everything easily accessible from your television. With this, you can bring the Internet and all of its video benefits right to the comfort of your living room. Individuals can make things better by learning a few tips and tricks for using an Amazon TV fire stick.

Despite the numerous fire stick features, hundreds of apps, access to live television, as well as hundreds of thousands of TV episodes and movies available, the Amazon fire TV stick comes with outstanding technological features that make it one of the best concepts for streaming. The following are some fire stick tricks to maximize its use.

Voice search

It can be difficult to type in what you want when using a streaming device. Worse, finding a keyboard that’s compatible with your television can be challenging to find. To solve this problem, a fire stick features a voice button. Rather than typing, it allows you to simply ask, and you’ll have your show up on your TV screen.

The voice search function on your fire stick gives you access to Alexa. Alexa is Amazon’s AI, which allows people to search based on the genre you say aloud. Using the voice function, you can also pause, play, rewind, or fast forward when watching.

Turning off targeted advertising

Streaming devices can’t restrict the running of advertisements. On the other hand, it can be irritating for individuals following up on a movie or series to have to watch an advert abruptly. While streaming devices allow people to cut on commercials, they can’t get rid of the ads entirely.

With a fire TV stick, Amazon makes ad viewing more private. The software update allows users to opt out of interest-based ads, such as the ads played as you watch a different app. The trick is to have the updated version, which will control the ads provided for you as well as promote privacy.

Setting up parental control

A fire TV stick exposes you and your family to many shows and movies. Some movies and shows aren’t exactly designed to serve the entire family, especially when children are present. While you can’t stay at home all the time and keep a tab on them, you can implement parental control settings.

Fire TV parental controls make certain apps inaccessible without a PIN. With this, you can keep rated and mature films from playing in your absence.

Using Alexa

If your Fire TV remote doesn’t have a voice button, using Alexa is the next best option rather than replacing your remote. Ensure that your Fire TV stick and the Alexa app are updated to the latest software. With Alexa, you can do right about everything that Amazon Echo can do. Other than making program commands, Alexa will answer some common questions, not just verbally, but it will also provide statistics on your screen. For example, you can ask what the weather is like, a fashion-related question, and other things.