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Five Best Android Applications for Cost Management

Android Applications for Cost Management

It is important to track your finances every day. In the current day, where there is vitality in your information, it’s similar to protecting online transactions. No matter the salary you earn per month, you always have to consider the reasonably high expenses. Consequently, you have to achieve control of your expenditure for you to effectively budget finances. It’s now easier to regulate your spending than the mobile applications available for download on your smartphone from the internet. There are loads of alternatives available for android phone users. You can get more content concerning Android apps for cost management on Best Essay Help. The following are the five best android mobile applications to manage your expenses.


Probably, Mint is the most common of all mobile finance applications available on the app and Google Play stores. Mint is a free app that offers significant support from different lenders and banks, which allows one to connect their settings to their preferred bank or any lender from whom they can get a loan. Intuit made the app. It is a reputable and well-known financial software name in the market. This application allows you to keep all your financial accounts in a convenient place on your mobile phone, where you can access it with a tap of your fingers. Through the app, you can create your budget, schedule reminders on bills that are almost due, and pay them from the applications. You can keep track of your credit score as well. From the app, you can check your checking and saving account balances. You may also export the expenses from this account to a spreadsheet if you like.


If you wish to have better insight into your habits of spending on your android smartphone, Wally is an application you should use. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to provide feedback about your financial spending habits, including where you may improve on. There is also a social feature employing Venmo, where you may share expenses with your spouse or roommate. In a nutshell, this application is best suited for the young generation, particularly. However, you have to manually enter your financial or bank details because you cannot link them directly to the application. Even so, it remains to be an excellent tool for managing your pending and conveniently check your finances.


This app is useful, particularly if you’re a small or micro business owner. It lets you easily track expenses and formulate better profitability by using AI-sourced software for price optimization. The application has a Smart Scan technology, which allows you to keep an eye on all receipts from your business smoothly. You also have an option to create real-time reports of profits and spending and create notifications relating to your business’ travel matters. You can integrate the application with other accounting services like QuickBooks or Xero to conveniently manage your employees’ wages.


It stands for You Need a Budget. It is an excellent expense tracker application available for Android smartphone users. The developers of this application believe that to receive, you must give in financial terms. Whenever you do something tied to finances, the app requires you to donate a dollar towards a savings account. The app also teaches people how they can effectively manage and budget for their cash and state their spending. You can link your bank account(s) and set up different budgets for varying categories.


The application for android users comes packed with a bundle of features. The most prominent feature is tracking your financial mileage suitable for entrepreneurial purposes. You can utilize the app for real-time tracking of your expenses, whether it’s a small business or a freelancer, and you frequently travel. Other several options included in the app are tracking and submitting your payments at any time, share reports through the mail, or submitting an invoice via DropBox or any app of your liking. This application also keeps track of all your credit card statements, which can be later analyzed.


The above are the best android mobile applications available for free and will help you have total control and balance your financial journey.