Flowers Have a Much Deeper Meaning Than Any Other Gift

Choosing a gift for a loved one has always been something to get you thinking hard. It’s never easy to assume what type of gift they’d like to get, and gifting them with a wrong one won’t make anyone happy. First of all, you must discover the things the person you want to gift is interested in, and from there, you can come up with an excellent gift solution. However, there’s one thing that makes all gifts stand out. Whatever present you bought, if you include flowers with it, it’ll make it much better.

Flowers as a gift have always been something that women appreciated the most. Any other gift is considered thoughtful, but a beautiful flower bouquet will ignite the sparks in her eyes. Various flowers have different meanings and symbolism, and choosing flowers to send a personal message is of utmost importance. Learn more what each flower symbolizes on this link https://www.almanac.com/content/flower-meanings-language-flowers.

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How to Know Which Flowers Are More Meaningful Than the Others?

Flower symbolism is not hard to learn, but if you’re not willing to spend your time on flower symbolism, you can always ask the staff at online flower shop Dubai to assist you in finding a perfect flower bouquet for your loved one. These are some of the most common symbolic meanings of flowers we know so far:

Camellia Symbolism

Camellia flower has several different deeper meanings depending on the flower’s color. All its meanings are related to love and affection. For example, pink Camellia signifies you’re longing for the person you gave the flowers to. White Camellia flower sends a direct message to the receiver. Its hidden meaning is “you’re adorable.”

Pink Camellia Flower and White Chocolate gift

Of course, women usually have at least some basic knowledge of flower symbolism, so they’ll undoubtedly understand the message you’re trying to send. Moreover, giving her red Camellia flowers lets her know that she’s a flame in your heart. Pick the Camellia flower color carefully, depending on the message you want to send.

Choose Rose Color Carefully

Roses are one of the most popular flowers worldwide, and it’s no wonder they exist in numerous colors, with each color symbolizing something else. Symbolism in roses varies from one color to another, and that’s why you should consult online flower shop Dubai when ordering roses. Let them know for which occasion you need them, and they’ll suggest the appropriate color.

Red rose is the most popular rose since it carries a message of love. Gifting someone with red rose is the same as telling them, “I love you.” Pink rose, on the other hand, represents happiness, and gifting a person with a pink rose means you’re happy that they’re a part of your life or that they bring joy and happiness to your life.

red rose
Red Rose Symbolizes Love

White rose represents worthiness in a loving sense. Gifting a loved one with a white rose means you appreciate the opportunity to have that person as your beloved. A yellow rose symbolizes infidelity, love falling apart, and jealousy. Never buy yellow roses to someone you love since they might get the wrong message you never intended to send.

Finally, black rose or dark crimson rose is used for sad and heartbreaking occasions like the mourning of a loved one.

Additionally, a common belief teaches us that gifting an uneven number of roses is appropriate for joyful and happy occasions. In contrast, an even number of roses is traditionally used for sad and unhappy moments in life.

Violets and Tulips Have Sensual Symbolism

Gifting a loved one with a bouquet of beautiful violet flowers sends a message of faithfulness, modesty, devotion, and loyalty. Rest assured, that she’ll get the message right away. Like many other popular flowers, violets are the ones women cherish the most.

Tulips are also popular among the female population. Red tulip symbolizes a declaration of love and passion, while yellow tulips symbolize sunshine and a bright smile. Nowadays, there are more tulip colors available due to cross-breed of flowers, and other colors symbolize other feelings. Flower colors, in general, have more or less the same meanings. This means that a white tulip would send a similar message as a white rose.

Wrapping Up

Whichever flowers you choose, they’ll undoubtedly bring a smile to her face, and that’s why knowing flower symbolism is crucial. Buying random flowers of random color might send the unintended and wrong message to the love of your life, and that’s something you’d want to avoid from happening.