Folx 5 Most elegant Download Manager for Mac

If you are a person who downloads a lot of stuff from the internet then I am sure you are not very happy with how Safari and MacOS handle it. Sometimes the speeds are too slow because of single threaded downloads and other times it messes all the files if they are huge in number. Also, the lack of pausing and resuming the downloads forces the user to restart the download again and again.

The only solution to this problem is to get a proper download manager but looking on the App Store there are a lot of them and trying all of them can become a hassle. Lot of them are just basic downloaders with good advantages. But some of them do provide good features, still finding the best one is a problem.

Folx 5 is download manager for Mac OS which offers convenient downloads managing, flexible settings, a unique system of sorting and keeping the downloaded content with an elegant Mac-style interface. Folx 5 is free to download for normal users and the power users can get their pro version for a little fee of $19.95.

Folx includes a plugin to catch downloads from browsers and allow the application to download itself. It uses multithread downloading which helps in pulling the files faster from the server. It also supports pausing and resuming of downloads even when you turn your device off which really helps when connection problems interrupt your downloads. In addition to all these features, Folx also supports torrent downloads via magnet links.

As many of the users who generally look for a download manager are frequent downloaders, so we highly recommended a $20 Pro upgrade. Pro Upgrade comes with faster downloading as it allows more than two threads, speed control for your downloads, schedule your downloads for when you are not working, deep integration with iTunes, inbuild Password Saver and a video downloader with a convertor.

Folx supports many languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, and a lot of them. You can check it on their website.

So concluding this review, I say if you download files from the Internet on your Mac on a frequent basis I highly recommend getting Folx, especially the Pro upgrade.

Finally, you can download Folx by clicking here.