Forget Traditional Product Photography: Replacements You Need to Know About


It is hard to believe how time flies until you look at the things that have changed around you. Traditional photography has for the longest time been the only way to come up with quality images for products. To get the perfect captures for your products, you needed a good location, proper décor arrangement, an amazing selfie photo booth, and some fantastic scenery.

However, with time and technology in the picture, there are some replacements that are worth noting. The field of photography today is about so much more other than owning a good-quality camera. Today technology has introduced a new way of doing things, as elaborative in this article. Here are several replacements you may need to master in the practice of photography:

Photorealistic rendering software

The photorealistic rendering software in use today has quite some changes in photography. This software has so much applied to the real photographs that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the one modified by a Product rendering software and a real photograph. The best bit is that with the new product rendering technology, the quality is further enhanced so that the end results are flawless. With this technology, any changes like enhancing or tweaking the finishes of pictures and the materials of colors are simpler and better than with traditional product photography.

3D files

Moving from the typical product photography to 3D visualization of products is the market change that will change the world of photography forever. Some of the most popular formats of products today are in 3D files. The 3D visualization formats embolden the practicality of images than would traditional product photography. This is what is greatly revolutionizing the world of marketing and advertising. This is huge for sales generation in businesses. In fact, the 3D files can be uploaded to a client’s website where people can download them for use.

Further, the concept of 360 product videos is also a configuration that has changed the eCommerce world. Ads on websites employing the 360 product videos, even on YouTube, are attracting more traffic than the traditionally developed videos.

Lighting effectiveness

In traditional product photography, you must get it right with lighting. Natural lighting coupled with light from the flash is necessary for the perfect shots. However, with the new technology, interior lighting can be controlled with 3D technology. CGI makes it possible to get the best images regardless of whether it is night or day. As you manipulate the depth of products, you tweak the lighting of the item, bringing in the tonal variations you are looking for in the final finished product.

Consistency in quality

The uniqueness of the product pictures matters to a brand. Once you determine a particular standard, there is the pressure to maintain the quality. With traditional product photography, maintaining a certain quality can be difficult. The consistency with CGI is unmatched. You can relay your business brand to the multiple marketing and sales channels, even before the product is officially out for consumption. Slowly, your brand can take over the market as the leading brand, with more sales than your competitors. The best bit is that the CGI technique is even more cost-effective than traditional product photography procedures.