Free PowerPoint Templates to Design Presentations that Wow

Do you find have a big presentation coming up? Do you find yourself not able to have a jumpstart because you’re feeling uninspired staring at blank slides? When it comes to presentations, the design is as important as your content. So even if you have the most important information to share but have no apt design to help convey your message, your deck will turn out to be a flop.

Let’s face it—people have very short attention spans, so you must wow them all the time if you want them to listen and really pay attention. This way, you not only keep their eyes and ears glued to your presentation deck, they will also listen more. You have a better chance of successfully delivering your message. You will also have a more memorable presentation overall.

Useful Free Resource for PowerPoint Templates and Designs

Free PowerPoint Templates (a.k.a. FPPT) is one of the web’s top authorities when it comes to all your presentation needs. The portal offers over ten thousand different presentation designs available for free download, and these are updated on a regular basis. Whatever your presentation needs are, from sales pitches, school events, community programs, or even family vacation photos, FPPT has a range of presentation designs and templates to choose from.

The portal has a user-friendly interface right from the homepage, which allows you to choose the template you’d like to see using a set of categories. You can also search for templates according to colour. And if you want, you can also simply type in keywords on the search bar. The results would give you a wide selection of professionally designed templates, layouts, animations, effects, and many other resources you can use for any kind of presentation for PowerPoint.

Easily Choose the Best Templates and Layouts for Your Needs

FPPT templates offer presentation packages featuring a captivating title slide and a set of complementary slide layouts for all kinds of content. You can include not just text, but comparative data, charts, graphs, images, video clips, and sound bites, among many other.

For business use, such as employee training presentations, fundraising or financial reports, you can simply choose Business in the Categories list to choose whatever resonates with your present purpose. You can also choose many colour themes to find which one you like best. Whatever your template needs are, you can find the perfect template with FPPT—and the portal makes it so easy to find what you exactly need.

Get the Benefits of Using High-Quality Templates

FPPT offers a wide range of high-quality templates so your presentations will always stand out. The PowerPoint templates’ graphics and images are professionally done, so they are always eye-catching. They also follow design rules for better harmony and cohesiveness with the rest of the slides. For example, you have one FPPT template that has a high-resolution image for the title slide. This image is echoed throughout all the other slide layouts so that your whole presentation will look unified and help to capture and maintain the audience attention. Each of the template packages you’ll find in the portal also follows the same colour scheme to achieve a clean look.

By using such high-quality templates for your presentations, you can also be sure that your slide backgrounds don’t look pixelated or blurred when you project it come presentation time. You can be confident that every slide in your deck will always display the way you made it on PowerPoint.

Make the Most of PowerPoint with FPPT

Speaking of PowerPoint, the application has come a long way since its heydays as the trailblazer in presentation technology. Today, it has a wide range of features that secure its spot as the leading tool in creating all kinds of presentations in offices, schools, and homes.

By using FPPT templates that are specially created for PowerPoint, you can make the most of PowerPoint’s features. The templates are backwards compatible with earlier versions, but nowadays, the program has many new features for a more engaging and collaborative presentation creation process.

For one, FPPT templates work seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016s latest Design features or even in Microsoft Office 365. You can add elements such as images, charts, and multimedia to your slides and PowerPoint will automatically give you design ideas for layout suggestions as you go over each of your slides. Furthermore, you can easily collaborate with your team for all your presentation projects. Simply save your presentation on OneDrive and access it anywhere using any device through Office Online.

Aside from templates, backgrounds, free themes and other designs for PowerPoint slideshows, FPPT also houses blogs with vast resources and tips to help you easily and successfully create presentations that wow. To get started on your own presentations, visit today.

So, if you’re trying to create a beautiful and effective presentation and you feel like your message is something that your audience needs to know, then all you need is a good presentation design to match it.

This is where Free PowerPoint Templates comes in.