Fruits Doodle Coloring Book – An excellent source to provide real coloring experience

Description: Are you having an interest in to get hours of relaxation and fun while colouring? Its time you should try Fruits Doodle Coloring Book right away.

Fruits Doodle Coloring Book app overview:

Kids often find trouble to sketch something and then later fill it with colours, this process sometimes can be frustrating and breaks the fun in them. Why not try a different approach where you get outline style vector illustrations exclusively from Fruits Doodle Coloring Book that provides you with a perfect and imitating real colouring experience unlike anything else. The age of using digital colouring book is over and it is time to go full auto where kids find everything convenient.

This app is specially made for kids from 6 to 9 years who loves to paint and want to improve it in every way possible. This is an opportunity knocking to grab and enjoy every second of it. Open your mind little ones and become the artist you want to be and have tons of fun by filling those beautiful and realistic looking illustrations.

Having said that below we have now listed some real facts about Coloring book for kids to help you understand what exactly this app is, what kind of key features you will get to see, how you can play it, and why you need to give this a try in first place.

What exactly is Fruits Doodle Coloring Book app?

This is by far the best colouring book game that offers kids unlimited fun along with new ways to increase skills. This app comes with an auto-fill button where kids only need to choose the color and combine them in a different mixture to use and colour all kinds of fruits that comes your way. You will get complete paper for each one thus makes it easy to navigate.

What kind of key features you will get to see?

There are plenty of features you will get to see in this app, that lets you enjoy the complete colouring experience with different and beautiful brushes each stroke by stroke. Here are some of them including,

  • Enjoy more than 70 images to draw
  • Save your drawing in the gallery
  • Freehand drawing
  • Share what you prepare with friends
  • Attractive and pure colours
  • Incredible family game
  • Increase the size of colouring brushes

How you can play it?

Relatively few applications are out there which gives you heaps of amusing to numerous hours. Be that as it may, Fruits Vegetables an alternate story in that the diversion is made just for instructive purposes to enhance your craft abilities in taking care of issues and furthermore hone your brain.

The app is played quite similar to the other Gatona apps colouring books. All you need is to draw your own drawing by using the awesome tool in the sidebar. You can colour all kinds of fruits in different sizes and shapes.

User reviews: 4.9

Supports Android version 4.1 or later

Why do you need to give this a try in the first place?

Fruits Doodle Coloring Book is a game kid of all ages will enjoy and is a fantastic way to get relaxed when bored. You can play it for free on your smartphones and tablets. Colouring just got better with this one folk so try it immediately.